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Starbase Kampf

Starbase Combat refers to combat between a player or a player's squadron, and structures in a player-owned starbase.

Every player-owned starbase has an additional link titled Fly Close at the top of the starbase menu.
By following this link you are presented with the inner starbase screen, displaying your ship next to the starbase and its buildings. While your ship resides in this area it is not be visible to players who did not "fly close". Moving within the inner starbase costs only 3 APs per field for all ship engines.

Combat Details

  • The inner starbase is under no circumstances a protection zone. [MECH:Protection & Docking]
  • All buildings inside the player-owned starbases are attackable. After an attack you will automatically be restricted access to the starbase's services by its owner. [MECH:Friends & Foes] [MECH:Contacts]
  • All starbase buildings are under protection of the starbase's defenses. This includes four preconstructed Standard Defense Artilleries. [MECH:Starbase Buildings]
  • Should you attack a building, all defenses will fire at you while you attack a random defense artillery. You can focus on a defense artillery however, by attacking it directly. In this case all other artilleries will also still fire at you.
  • The condition of all starbase buildings is 100, except the command center. The command center has a condition of 300.
  • To decrease the condition of a building in the starbase you need to destroy all defense modules first. Once all modules have been defeated each attack will decrease the attacked building's condition by 1.
  • Squadrons can deal damage to the building's condition even with the defense modules still intact (see below).
  • The starbase owner is not able to repair any of the buildings in his/her starbase. Instead a certain amount of the condition will be repaired daily depending on the size of the starbase.
  • Defense artilleries cannot be repaired by the starbase owner. Instead a certain amount of the hull and armor points of the modules will be repaired every 3 hours depending on the size of the starbase.
  • There are 8 habitat rings surrounding the command center. These buildings block everybody but the starbase owner, protecting the command center from quick destruction.
  • Attacks on the starbase's buildings which decrease their condition cause the usual building attack reputation effects. [REF:Reputation]
  • There may be significant reputation effects when capturing or destroying a starbase. [REF:Reputation]


Using squadrons is the common way of attacking a starbase.

Squadrons can be hired at friendly player-owned starbases (i.e.. the starbase owner has you on his/her friends list or you are the starbase owner). [MECH:Friends & Foes] [MECH:Contacts]. Squadrons may consist of 1-100 ships. They will randomly pop up at PSBs and grow in ships until they are hired (fighters and bombers are equally likely to spawn). Bigger starbases tend to attract more squadron pilots.
The hiring cost of squadrons consists of a one-time credits fee plus a daily supply of hand weapons. You can supply them for many days in advance, and even have them supplied by other players. If squadrons are out of supplies, they will disband.

Squadrons have their own amount of Action Points, regenerating more slowly than players' APs. There are different types of squadrons, with different amounts of maximum APs. While fighter squadrons start with one fifth of their maximum APs, bomber squadrons only start with 0 APs. All types of squadrons regenerate 12 APs every 30 minutes.

The squadron command interface for movement or combat looks like your own Navigation screen. Once you have at least one squadron an additional tab in your Overview screen will appear, letting you control your squadrons. There is no limit on how many squadrons you can command. "Grouping" or "ungrouping" squadrons is not possible.
Valid targets to attack are starbase buildings and other squadrons. You can also use your squadrons to block other players' squadrons on any fields but protection zones and the four entrance fields of inner starbases. Due to anti-abuse reasons, you cannot see NPCs and ships of other players with squadrons.
Depending on the attacking squadron's size and type it will deal a certain amount of damage to the building's condition, even with the starbase's defense modules still intact.


Fighter Squadron

Max APs750
Firepower132+132 (Laser)
DriveIon (speed 3)
1 / 25 ships
One-time Fee2,500 Credits / ship
Daily Supply2 Hand Weapons / ship


Bomber Squadron

Max APs850
Firepower27 (LV111 Intelligent Missile)
DriveFusion (speed 2)
2 / 25 ships
One-time Fee4,000 Credits / ship
Daily Supply1 Hand Weapons / ship

Starbase destruction

A starbase is destroyed by attacking and destroying its command center.

The command center is the central structure of the starbase blocked off to everybody but the starbase owner by eight adjacent habitat rings. To gain access you need to destroy at least one habitat ring.

Starbase capture

A starbase is captured by destroying all habitat rings and invading the command center.

Invading works in 10 steps, each step taking 1 minute. You need to stay on the command center for these 10 minutes, pressing a button after each step. After completing all steps you are able to choose the new commander of the starbase - either you or another player of your choice. The starbase (including all ships, buildings, equipment, commodities, credits, etc.) will then be transfered to the new owner without delay. Additionally, one habitat ring will be rebuilt after a starbase capture if the capturing player is of an opposing faction and in war with the starbase owner's faction.

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