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Monday, September 14th, 2015   Happy Birthday, Pardus!
Our free game, Pardus, went live exactly 11 years ago - happy birthday! We are proud that even after this long, Pardus continues to receive the positive press and reviews it deserves from all around the world. One of the latest pieces highlights Pardus' strongest point - its welcoming community:

PardusPardus is a superior example of, not just a game, but social media. Instead, Pardus’ strengths lie in a community which is predominantly welcoming and engaging. This is in stark contrast to the “communities” formed in many other forms of social media, such as certain message boards, online comment sections and even large Facebook groups, where the cover of true anonymity allows for the worst elements of human behavior to multiply. [...]

Ultimately, Pardus has helped reshape the way I look at the world, it makes it feel both small and incredibly large in a way that only the Internet can allow. I challenge people to seek out similar virtual outlets — find positive, entertaining ways to engage with others. Maybe this is a game, maybe it is a forum. But when doing so, respect others — hatred and arrogance defeats the purpose of a platform that can allow us to pass boundaries and interact with each other globally.

The out-of-character harmony between the players of the Pardus community however stands in stark contrast to the in-character struggles between its pilots that add so much fun to the game: While a brutal feud between the biggest alliances has wiped out entire clusters in the Orion universe over the last years, Pegasus' had its first war, and also Artemis is now reporting organized skirmishes flaring up in its latest war after a 3-year long phase of galactic peace. Be sure to follow the latest ingame developments in the community-run Pardus News Agency.

Featurewise, the past year has seen new lifeforms, a novel, evolving ship, and, last but not least, three types of refined stim chips. Introduced a month ago together with a packing feature for improved long-range trade, merchants have already picked up on the new-found opportunities, producing and hauling vast quantities of the new commodities.

We wish you continued fun in Pardus in the coming year.
Happy roaming,
The Pardus Devs

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