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Monday, August 3rd, 2015   The Revitalization of Past Features
This year's summer update, implemented in Pegasus first, brings the reignition of long-range trade in combination with vitalizing other underused features in the game - as was voted for in the "Next Pardus Features" poll in our forum.

To create the foundation for widely practiced trade with long-range goods, gem-selling merchants grow and shrink based on trade, as do dark corners on planets and starbases depending on the level of crime in their surroundings. Dark corner production has spread to clusters of all races, with prices taking into account the new sources of supply.

With production and consumption of the two true types of long-range goods - body parts Human Intestines Skaari Limbs Keldon Brains Rashkir Bones and gems Blue Sapphire Ruby Golden Beryl - intact and dynamic, the new "Packing" feature allows for reducing the size of loaded cargo and thus increasing the amount of goods that can be transported - perfect for long-range activities such as smuggling body parts or trading gems. A new tree of advanced skills further improves the efficiency of packing and provides several other bonuses.

Last but not least, a new set of refined stim chips Capri Stim Crimson Stim Amber Stim add lots of bonuses to building suppliers, traders, combat apprentices. With this update we hope to see stim chips settling more firmly into the universe and become more competitive with their shady counterpart. We will also see gems being given a place in the player-made economy of the game and the new stim chips themselves contributing to long-range trade. More profit is going to be made by traders transporting precious goods over far distances, as well as the opportunistic pirate wanting a piece of the cake.

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