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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015   War in Pegasus
This news release has been provided by Solarix.

Pegasus war outcome

The premium universe of Pegasus has recently concluded its first official faction war. The war was fought between the Empire and Union factions, and eventually won by the former by a large margin.
Before this war there were several skirmishes and regular all-out conflicts between alliances, but no real war using the mechanics.

After some skirmishes between Crimson Dawn (Empire alliance) and The Ebidium Dagger (Union alliance) occurred both sides agreed to start a faction war.
The players had agreed to certain "Rules of Engagement" before the war. Due to the low population density of players in Pegasus, having a war as seen in the other universes would lead to irreparable damage. The rules were also there to prevent bad blood between the players and increase the fun - it succeeded. In fact relations between the two factions have never been as good in Pegasus as they are at this time. The amount of mutual respect present is commendable, and hopefully an example for the other universes.

The smaller playerbase of Pegasus had a significant impact on the war and how it was fought. The massive fleet battles that can be seen in the other universes during a faction war were not frequent in Pegasus, because of this there was a large difference in tactics used to win the war. Most of the war points were awarded from long-term missions and most of the combat was small-scale skirmishes, with a few larger operations near the end of the war as it concluded.

The final days of the war were relatively peaceful after the Union surrendered the imperial and union forces even started to cooperate to exterminate their common enemy: a resurfaced Vyrex threat. Ultimately the Vyrex were exterminated for a second time in Pegasus. At this time Orion is still battling its first Vyrex outbreak, and Artemis has since defeated its second outbreak as well.

For a full summary of the war please log in and visit the forums.

We hope everyone continues enjoying our game as much as we enjoy developing it. We held a feature poll early January with the theme of "trading". Players chose to have Long-Range Trade and Advanced Skills implemented and we hope to realise this soon. We are also listening to feedback provided by the community, designing new use and bonuses for the long-range trade goods; body parts and gems.

- The Pardus Developers

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