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Sunday, September 14th, 2014   Pardus' 10th birthday
Exactly 10 years ago, on Sep. 14th 2004, we opened Pardus to the public. Happy 10th Birthday, Pardus!

To celebrate this big event, we have implemented two never before seen, massive game features. The first feature is a new NPC family that has entered the realms of Pardus quite aggressively. It is a predatory species that spreads in the universe like an epidemic. See for yourself what the Galactic News Network is reporting today:

Today we are making history: A new, never-before seen form of life has appeared in the universe. The behavior of this purely biological breed, called Vyrex, has been classified as highly predatory and aggressively sprawling. It is believed to originate in the Pardus Core, quickly spreading over adjacent sectors. A small number of sectors have already been invaded, affected areas are expected to grow exponentially. Despite not having a clear idea about their biological structure, astro-epidemiologists have raised the alarm that we need to do everything to contain the epidemic. If we fail, the Vyrex might quickly become a universe-wide pandemic, threatening the foundations of our very existence.

Besides pushing back the outbreak, highest faction officials from all factions and innovators from diverse neutral organizations have advised their investigators to collect samples from the Vyrex remains, as they might become useful for developing structurally superior bio-technologies.

The Vyrex are coming!

The second feature is all about Military Outposts (MOs). Since its inception many years ago, MOs have played a fundamental role in securing cozy alliance nooks or blocking unwanted intruders by... whoever had the power to secure a border. Especially during wars and inter-alliance battles, MOs have been the frontline of action, separating good from bad, faction from neutral, or pirates from traders. On the downside, new players sometimes had a hard time to explore the universe due to the ever-increasing rigidity and fragmentation of territories. With a complete overhaul and refinement of the MO system implemented today, we hope to make Pardus a more than ever enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. For all the technical details on the new MO system, see the Manual.

We are very proud of how our game and its community has grown over the past decade, from what started as essentially a coding hobby, to a mature and internationally well-respected MMOG. We will continue to keep improving what is probably one of the best games you can play on the internet, completely for free. And now, please continue enjoying Pardus, to another decade!
Fly safe,
The Pardus Developers

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