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Monday, December 1st, 2014   Holiday offer
Once again it is time for our HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER, available until Dec 31st, including the following benefits for Premium purchasers:

  • +10% Premium time of the purchased product

  • Premium Universe Pass: Additional access to the Pegasus universe for the same amount of days (100%) as the purchased Premium Account after it has expired

  • A special commodity - Christmas Glitter - which can be used as paint, giving your ship christmas colors for 14 days or until January 1st
    Christmas War Nova Christmas Vulcan Christmas Behemoth Christmas Rover Christmas Boa Christmas Horpor

  • Players gifting a Premium Account will receive this commodity too!

While the battle against the recently emerged Vyrex threat still rages on in Orion, congratulations are in order for the inhabitants of the Pegasus and Artemis universes! They have been able to successfully hunt down and exterminate all Hatchers, putting the Vyrex incursion to an end. Research has even resulted in a new experimental hybrid ship, the BOP-X. The most courageous defenders against the Vyrex have been invited to fly one, slowly uncovering the secrets of this unique, evolving ship.

Vyrex taking over a dragon denBOP-X

Happy holidays and good hunting,
The Galactic Council

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