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About Pardus

The Real Pardus

On July 2nd 2006, a new creature saw the light of day. It was called: Pardus.

The Real Pardus NamePardus
RaceFelis silvestris catus (Cat)
Current AgeDied at the age of 5 months (see bottom of page)
ResidenceA little town somewhere in Lower Austria

Bayer & Szell OG officially holds the godparenthood on Pardus. Pardus' godfathers Michael Szell and Werner Bayer regularly visit him to make sure he is taken care of in the best way possible. During every visit the godfathers will take pictures and report about events in his life here. Pardus lives at a close friend of the Szell family.

First Visit

On September 23rd, Michael visited Pardus to ceremonially welcome him into godparenthood by presenting him with a princely gift. The following video and pictures show what happened.

Download Video of Pardus checking out his present (1.63 MB)



Making a Serious Face

Full Shot

An Innocent Little Cat


A Present for Pardus

A Present for Pardus 2

It Begins to Swing

It Swings Back!

First Contact

Investigation in Dumpling Pose


Oh My God Stop It!


Quick Attack

Animal Cruelty

Peace and Recovery

Vis a Vis with the Enemy


The Plastic is More Interesting



Attacking with Lightspeed

Standing Up

A ...Boat?

Criminal Intentions

Under the Chair

Under the Chair 2

Under the Chair 3

Chair Acrobatics

Chair Acrobatics 2

Chair Acrobatics 3

Chair Acrobatics 4

Chair Acrobatics 5

Chair Acrobatics 6

Chair Acrobatics 7

Chair Acrobatics 8

Special Chair Acrobatics

Special Chair Acrobatics 2

Special Chair Acrobatics 3

Special Chair Acrobatics 4

Special Chair Acrobatics Moving Upwards

A Splendid Move

A Splendid Move 2


Force 2

Twisted Pose

Ringing the Bell


Climbin the Mountain

This is MY Chair

Fight on the Chair

Fight on the Chair 2

Fight on the Chair 3

I Can See It!


Sassy 2


Pardus Airlock

Pardus Airlock 2



Care 2

Bye Bye

First Autumn

Michael visited Pardus again on November 1st, an official holiday in Austria. He presented two new gifts, a special import from Haarlem, The Netherlands. However, Pardus could not be found for two hours. He was outside, exploring his fresh territory, and performing his most favourite sport on this windy day: chasing the dead leaves being blown around.
Pardus has grown a lot from the Big Juicy Cat Food Diet which he has been following the past weeks. After a lunch he welcomed his presents with much delight again, and rejoyced in furious play. He was mostly fascinated by Michael's shoes though.

Download Video of Pardus checking out one of his new presents (0.63 MB)



Lunch 2

Lunch 3

Ball Nr. 1

Ball Nr. 2

Fun on the Carpet

Fun on the Floor

It Rolled Away

I Dont Like Your Flash

Distant Stare

Tired From Playing

Still Tired From Playing


Playing with the Shoe

Ball on Shoe Action

Ball in Shoe Action

Playing with the Shoe 2

Sittin on the Shoe

Side Shot

About About Pardus

Tastes like Chicken

Claws Need Care Too

A Shoe Bed

A Shoe Bed 2

A Shoe Bed 3



Outside 2

Outside 3

The End of the Road

December 12th 2006: Pardus was missing in the last few days. Yesterday, at the age of five months, it was found out that he had been hit by a car and died instantly, without suffering.

We will remember Pardus as a very social and active cat who spent his whole, unfortunately short, life filled with playing and exploring his surroundings. Rest in peace, Pardus.

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