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About Pardus



Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta

Pardus is a long-term project begun in the summer of 2003 by a dedicated team of Austrian game-developers. From September 2004 to April 2006 an Alpha test version of the game was open to the public, until Oct. 1st. 2006 an Open Beta version.

Bayer & Szell OG, End of Beta

Shortly before the end of the Pardus Open Beta, the two active developers Werner Bayer and Michael Szell founded a company (Offene Gesellschaft / OG) on Sept. 6th. 2006: Bayer & Szell OG was born.

Since the 14th of September 2006 the subscription to Premium Accounts is possible. They make up the majority of the OG's revenues.
On Oct. 1st. 2006 the pre-subscribed Premium Accounts have been officially assigned and the Pardus Cluster ceremonially opened. Pardus left the test phase at that time and is steadily growing ever since.


Part of the Pardus developers' influences can be attributed to their enthusiasm towards classical science fiction games such as Elite, Master of Orion II, or Hardwar. Of course Pardus is a completely independent game with its own ideas, but you may find some "easter eggs" honoring these classics.

Technical Details

Pardus is mainly programmed in PHP and C/C++, with a MySQL database running in the background. Although the native language of all developers is German, the ingame language is held in English to reach a broader audience. (The at in www.pardus.at stands for Austria, to indicate the game's origin.)

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