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About Pardus


The Development Team

Real Name Alias Contact Position Status
Werner Bayer
Werner Bayer
Bladefist * Associate of Bayer & Szell OG
Founder of the Project
Michael Szell
Michael Szell
Baldur * Associate of Bayer & Szell OG ACTIVE
Florian Nentwich Grelor Blood - Founder of the Project INACTIVE
Ulrich Bayer Londo Mollari - Founder of the Project INACTIVE
* For any general support-related matters, please contact and not one of the developers personally. The support account is regularly checked by all administrators and the support team, and will lead to a quicker reply.
Before contacting us please consult the FAQ as your question is likely to be covered there.


Bladefist, Baldur, Grelor Blood

Main TasksAdministration, Check and punishment of rule-breaks from the CHEATING category, Check for multi-accounts
Toolssee Super-Moderators. Additionally: Access to the Pardus databases and servers


Orion Arakil, Killer Queen, Meridian, Nebulosa, Physalis

Artemis Sweet Lady

Pegasus Arboria

Main TasksModerating chats and forums, Punishment of rule-breaks (in chats, forums, PMs), Check for multi-accounts
Toolssee Moderators. Additionally: Game-ban, PM-check, Multi-check


Orion Joeveshk Easthur, Nuncio Kalle, Loosher, Pixx, Rising Sun

Artemis Grey Wolf, Holiday Koval, Sparkle

Main TasksModerating chats and forums, Punishment of rule-breaks (in chats, forums), Helping players
ToolsWarning, Name-change, Chat-ban, Forum-ban, Chat-check, Account Lock, Forum-editing

Thanks to

  • Our tutorial and first days tips translators:
    Spanish Onizuka
    Italian Figowiz, Matthewshy
    Polish Kubz
    Croatian Tompa
    Hungarian MoZo84
    Dutch Fivehundredandsixty, Captainbyrd
    Indonesian ComArthur a.k.a. Commander Arthur
    Finnish Dal Zeklend
    Slovene Loosher
    Portuguese Ekus
  • All our past, present and future Guides for helping new players in help chat and elsewhere.
  • Gerfried Panovsky (Nebulosa), the longest tenured moderator, for multitudes of sophisticated ideas and supporting the advancement of Pardus.
  • Ayane Natsugawa (Ayanari) for lots of high quality images:
    e.g. advanced skill icons, many NPCs, most of the classic images for the Pardus Cluster, ...
  • Dirkjan van den Berg (Deejax) for translating the manual and torrents of ideas.
  • David Berger (Fireblade) for lots of 2D graphics (fields, icons) and testing.
  • Christoph Zach, the author of the Pardus background story.
  • Bastian Halbach (Galahad) for the new design of our website.
  • Ivcianschii Denis (IDen) for the new Union-Logo.
  • (Kora) for beautiful race pictures, faction signs and his image pack.
  • Vincent Knaape (Solarix) for his image pack.
  • Nick Pan (nickpan) and Notum for support and banners.
  • Lasse Rosenkilde (Zouron) for fresh new energy tiles.
  • The 'progress' - Austria's biggest student-newspaper - for featuring us.
  • Caliver Ngeow (Catliver) for his excellent Pardus-related game Federation Battle Trainer.
  • Sandra Bayer (Alleria) for the graphics of the Z opponent series.
  • for contributions to the Life Forms manual.
  • Sites which refer to us and bring us new players every day.
  • All alpha and betatesters; without you we could not have realised our great project.
  • The whole Pardus-community for its solidarity and commitment.

Special Thanks to

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