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About Pardus


The Development Team

Real Name Alias Contact Position Status
Werner Bayer
Werner Bayer
Bladefist * Associate of Bayer & Szell OG
Founder of the Project
Michael Szell
Michael Szell
Baldur * Associate of Bayer & Szell OG ACTIVE
Rosemary Orchard
Rosemary Orchard
Killer Queen * Developer ACTIVE
Florian Nentwich Grelor Blood - Founder of the Project INACTIVE
Ulrich Bayer Londo Mollari - Founder of the Project INACTIVE
* For any general support-related matters, please contact and not one of the developers personally. The support account is regularly checked by all administrators and the support team, and will lead to a quicker reply.
Before contacting us please consult the FAQ as your question is likely to be covered there.


Bladefist, Baldur, Killer Queen, Grelor Blood

Main TasksAdministration, Check and punishment of rule-breaks from the CHEATING category, Check for multi-accounts
Toolssee Super-Moderators. Additionally: Access to the Pardus databases and servers


Orion Arakil, Meridian, Nebulosa, Physalis

Main TasksModerating chats and forums, Punishment of rule-breaks (in chats, forums, PMs), Check for multi-accounts
Toolssee Moderators. Additionally: Game-ban, PM-check, Multi-check


Orion Joeveshk Easthur, Nuncio Kalle, Loosher, Pixx, Rising Sun

Artemis Grey Wolf, Holiday Koval, Sparkle

Main TasksModerating chats and forums, Punishment of rule-breaks (in chats, forums), Helping players
ToolsWarning, Name-change, Chat-ban, Forum-ban, Chat-check, Account Lock, Forum-editing

Thanks to

  • Our tutorial and first days tips translators:
    Spanish Onizuka
    Italian Figowiz, Matthewshy
    Polish Kubz
    Croatian Tompa
    Hungarian MoZo84
    Dutch Fivehundredandsixty, Captainbyrd
    Indonesian ComArthur a.k.a. Commander Arthur
    Finnish Dal Zeklend
    Slovene Loosher
    Portuguese Ekus
  • All our past, present and future Guides for helping new players in help chat and elsewhere.
  • Gerfried Panovsky (Nebulosa), the longest tenured moderator, for multitudes of sophisticated ideas and supporting the advancement of Pardus.
  • Ayane Natsugawa (Ayanari) for lots of high quality images:
    e.g. advanced skill icons, many NPCs, most of the classic images for the Pardus Cluster, ...
  • Dirkjan van den Berg (Deejax) for translating the manual and torrents of ideas.
  • David Berger (Fireblade) for lots of 2D graphics (fields, icons) and testing.
  • Christoph Zach, the author of the Pardus background story.
  • Bastian Halbach (Galahad) for the new design of our website.
  • Ivcianschii Denis (IDen) for the new Union-Logo.
  • (Kora) for beautiful race pictures, faction signs and his image pack.
  • Vincent Knaape (Solarix) for his image pack.
  • Nick Pan (nickpan) and Notum for support and banners.
  • Lasse Rosenkilde (Zouron) for fresh new energy tiles.
  • The 'progress' - Austria's biggest student-newspaper - for featuring us.
  • Caliver Ngeow (Catliver) for his excellent Pardus-related game Federation Battle Trainer.
  • Sandra Bayer (Alleria) for the graphics of the Z opponent series.
  • for contributions to the Life Forms manual.
  • Sites which refer to us and bring us new players every day.
  • All alpha and betatesters; without you we could not have realised our great project.
  • The whole Pardus-community for its solidarity and commitment.

Special Thanks to

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