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Syndicate Hintergründe

The Shadow Syndicate The Shadow Syndicate
It is widely believed The Shadow Syndicate (TSS) originated around the same time that the Union became recognized as a faction by the Empire and Federation. As the Union became more and more involved with intergalactic policies and politics, those pilots involved in the darker side of business practices began to view it as less and less of the sanctuary it once was.

Because TSS is by nature cloaked in secrecy, we will probably never know the names of those responsible for organizing and building it up into what it is today- a wide network of resources providing its members with job leads and protection from authorities, among other benefits. Though TSS members have special means of communicating their identity to each other, the syndicate's far reaching infiltration through even the highest levels of faction governments keeps their names and activities cleared from official records, making it extremely difficult to gather any information about individuals or the group as a whole.

Despite the rather impressive reach of TSS, the syndicate is not without imperfections. Many freelance bounty-hunters, vigilantes and members of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate devote much of their time and resources to hunting down TSS members.

TSS is particularly notorious for the extremely harsh treatment of those kicked out of its ranks. If the rejected pilot is allowed to live, he will likely find his life in utter ruins, his identity known to all and his reputation destroyed, living in fear of both law-abiding pilots and his ex-comrades.
Provides resources for pilots with negative reputation (such as pirates).
The Shadow Syndicate has members scattered all throughout the universe. Most TSS members dwell in the neutral sectors, however, their range of operations often reaches deeply into faction territory.

Esteemed Pilots Syndicate Esteemed Pilots Syndicate
The Esteemed Pilots Syndicate (EPS) was founded as a direct response to the rise of The Shadow Syndicate. Disgusted with the lack of action by official faction law enforcement as TSS grew in both power and numbers, a small group of pilots attempted to raise credits and awareness of the problem by holding a widely-publicized bounty-hunting expedition through the Neutral Zone. Overwhelmed by the positive response from citizens across the universe, EPS was formed to unite those who really wanted to make a difference and leave the universe a better place than they found it. This pooling of resources has allowed EPS to grow quickly into a powerful entity known in all corners of the universe.

EPS carefully checks records of potential members and denies any who have participated in questionable behavior. While not required to engage in combat with pilots involved in illegal or immoral activities, EPS members are required to remain in good standing in their communities for the length of their membership. Failure to do so will result in removal from the EPS roster.

Applications to join EPS can be found on any planet, as well as detailed information about membership benefits.
Provides resources for pilots with generally positive reputation.
The Esteemed Pilots Syndicate has members scattered all throughout the universe.

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