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The Post-Usube War

by Lancel
February - April 2007


This morning, the galaxy was shaken by an explosion destroying a key Federation data repositories in the city of Elatan on Planet Andexa. This terrorist attack resulted in the annihilation of all evidence collected by the Federation linking the Empire to the Usube incident. In the aftermath, the Empire refused to reschedule the Trial, with both sides blaming the other for the bombing, and with no side willing to compromise, only one option was left. War.

A press meeting held with Admiral Cere at 6 PM today reviewed the crimes the Federation has accused the Empire of, calling this the latest in a series of Empire misinformation, and a ploy to force the galaxy under its rule. And, at 6:18 PM today, made official that the Federation has declared war on the Empire.

Federation forces attacked within minutes of the official declaration, shooting down any and all Empire pilots in their path, and within hours, the first major Federation offensive was launched in Pardus Cluster.

The Battle of Nari - First Report

At a little after 22:00 today, the first major assault of the war was launched the Federation against the Imperial Pardus Cluster territory of Nari. A Military Outpost belonging to Kythras of M.E.R.C. guarding the Nari nook was assaulted by one of the Federation's premiere fleets, including such well-known pilots as Admirals Nebulosa and Shwabrer, and also the infamous Freewind.

The battle was over within an hour of commencement, with little to no defense beyond the single heavily-armed Military Outpost. Footage of the fighting showed a massive exchange of fire between the Federation fleet and the Empire's MO, with Avenger Drones and missiles being hurled between them. At 22:38, the Military Outpost was finally destroyed by concentrated Federal firepower with the one small Imperial victory being the destruction of a single Federation craft.

In the ensuing minutes, the Federation swept into the nook and destroyed the buildings contained within. The Federation fleet then established a full military blockade of the nook, stopping or destroying any Empire ship that approaches. Little else can be determined about the interior of the nook, only through limited communication with the nook's Starbase, Sweetness Palace, completed only a week earlier. This blockade is further enforced by a Federation Military Outpost, rapidly deployed to take the place of the former Empire Military Outpost.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Enaness I

The second day of the war opened with a spectacular battle in the Enaness Sector of the North Pardus Rim, a Military Outpost-secured sector fully under Imperial control and possessing a single Starbase. At 0300 this morning, a second Federation fleet struck in the wake of the attacks on Nari led by Admiral Atrellium, commander of The Triad, laying siege to one of the Military Outposts guarding the system. The Empire set up a second Military Outpost outside of the true one as a buffer, where they were met by Empire forces consisting primarily of Ruby Legion.

Over the course of the next hour a massive firefight broke out between the two fleets, during which the outer Military Outpost was entirely destroyed, pushing the battle onward to the next Military Outpost. The Federation forces suffered far greater, with the Federal Second Fleet being almost totally annihilated by the Imperial defense fleet. At least three of the Federation's Doomstars were destroyed in daring attacks led by the Empire warrior Nanvel, who was credited with the kills, including the commander of The Triad's Flagship and dramatically turning the war to the Empire's favor.

Nanvel has been widely recognized as being the hero of the Battle of Enaness, his bravery even catching the eye of the Emperor. Nanvel was the most decorated officer of the battle, and, so far, even the war, with three medals earned from this battle: the Bronze Medal of Strength, the Silver Medal of Strength, and the Bronze Medal of War.

Engagement Result

UPDATE: An official report confirms that fully four Doomstars were destroyed in the engagement, with the fourth kill being credited to the Imperial pilot Evilpenguin.

The Battle of Nari - Second Report

An operation to retake the Nari nook was attempted this morning by an Imperial fleet consisting of pilots from Ruby Legion, TIRO, and the Imperial Syndicate. Lt. Cmdr. Cormag spotted the gathering Imperial forces, and lurked just outside of weapons range to attempt to entice some of the Empire forces out into combat. Skirmishes were exchanged with Cormag, and shortly therafter, the Empire fleet hastily embarked to break the blockade of the Nari nook. One pilot was lost in the opening exchange, but the Federal lines were soon broken. The Federal forces rallied under Cormag and Nebulosa, repelling the Imperial fleet and destroying two more Imperial fighters, including Dmitriy of Ruby Legion, suffering no losses themselves. Lt. Cmdr. Cormag was awarded the Bronze Medal of Strength for his exceptional performance.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Third Report

On the heels of the previous attack, the Empire launched additional waves against the Federation blockade at the Nari nook. With reinforcements from M.E.R.C., the Imperial Sardaukar, and others arriving to support the Imperial fleet. Reports of heavy fighting broke out across the west side of Nari, all along the route from the Aya wormhole to the Federal Military Blockade. Heavy casualties were inflicted on both sides, the most noteworthy of which was the loss of Cormag, the Federation's top war hero, gunned down by Imperial Sardaukar pilot Myrrh near the Lucidi Miltary Outposts. In all, there were six losses on the Federation side, and five on the Empire's. In addition, the Federation Military Outpost was received significant damage. The Imperial fleet was narrowly forced into retreat.

An hour later, the Empire launched a third wave with new additions from Sadist Faction. What the Empire did not count on was the arrival of Admirals Shwabrer, with a large number of Federal reinforcements. From his Doomstar, Shwabrer decimated the Imperial fleet and, along with the remaining Federal defenders, forced it into a full retreat.

Admiral Shwabrer and Commodore Orsan, a member of the fleet Shwabrer led to Nari, each received the Bronze Medal of Strength for their timely reinforcement narrowly and dramatically saving the Federal blockade. Ilanther, of MERC, also received the Bronze Medal of Strength for his leadership in the second wave.

Other reports also indicate that the ex-Admiral Blade Star also participated in defending the Federal Blockade. Blade Star was unavailable for comment.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Continued

Late-breaking reports are coming in from GNN that Federal forces have just initiated an attack on the Starbase Sweetness Palace in the Nari nook currently being blockaded by Federal forces. There has been heavy bombing of Starbase defense structures and the habitat ring. Word has just reached us that Federal boarding parties have entered the Starbase, with gun battles breaking out between the assault teams and the Starbase's security forces. We will keep you informed of this situation as it unfolds. Admiral Nebulosa and Commodore Orsan were both already awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for their accomplishments in leveling Sweetness Palace's space artillery. Word has not yet reached us about the involvement of Fighter or Bomber Squadrons.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, Krakutun of the Empire completed what appears to be the first war mission given by High Command. The Imperial press release described it as "delivering key personnel to a Federal installation."

UPDATE: At a press conference held today at 2200, Admiral Nebulosa announced that Bomber Squadrons were involved in the attack under the command of Commodore Orsan as well as standard fleet craft. It would furthermore appear that the fighting for Sweetness Palace has almost come to an end, with the situation being reported as being "contained", with only a few pockets of Imperial resistance left between the Federation and complete control of Sweetness Palace.

The Battle of Nari - Fourth Report

2007/02/03 - 22:13
Shyguy captured the starbase Sweetness Palace previously owned by Sweetness.

The first major conquest of the war happened today at 22:13 hours during a Federal Press Conference. The Admiralty were pleased to inform the associated press that Starbase Sweetness Palace, located in the Empire sector of Nari, is now fully under Federation control. With a blockade and without any Empire reinforcements making it through, capture was inevitable. Lieutenant Shyguy was awarded command of the former Empire Starbase, and he is currently working to clean up the mess left behind by war and secure the Nari nook properly for the Federation.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Fifth Report

At 1600 today, an Imperial fleet successfully conducted a raid on the Nari nook, now firmly under Federal control. Reports of considerable damage were made of the Federal forces, including the loss of the Military Outpost defending the nook, destroyed by Imperial cannons. The fleet then proceeded to thoroughly raid a Federation Trade Outpost, losing it many of its goods. The fleet then withdrew, leaving devastation in its path.

The Empire contends a victory, and while the Federation concede it was a tactical defeat on their part, the strategic positions were not altered, and in the grand scheme of tings it was little more than a draw. More troubling for the Empire, however, is the presence of a mass of Bomber Squadrons now gathered on the Military Outpost, with reports of it being between 12 and 20 Squadrons in strength. Whether this is meant for defense, or meant to attack Ruby Warrior, the last Empire stronghold in Nari, remains to be seen.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Sixth Report

Our reporters in the field have just reported in on a massive battle being waged currently at Starbase Ruby Warrior in Nari. We go now to our man, Kalef Malzy, live in the field:

*The scene turns to a slightly panicked Keldon reporter as rumbles echo like thunder*

"What you are hearing is not the sound of a reactor or an engine, it is the sound of missiles impacting the Starbase's sides and the response from Ruby Warrior's enormous defense artillery! The sheer amount of firepower being presented by both sides is something I, or any other, has seen in their lifetimes. The following footage we took earlier from the Bomber Squadrons' approach."

*The view switches to what appears to be a great brown cloud in the distance, moving rapidly toward the camera drone. As they pass it can be plainly seen that the cloud is a massive horde of Bombers*

"I am here now at the Starbase's Short-Range Scanner, where technicians report as many as 2000 Bombers at the start of the engagement. We go now to live footage of the battle taking place around our heads at this very moment."

*A bird's eye view of Ruby Warrior, with the brown cloud of Bombers swarming over it like yellow jackets. Ruby Warrior is literally lit up with explosions and gunfire so massive that it the dim light could be misinterpretted as being the reflection of a comet or the light of a brown dwarf. A bright explosion suddenly flares along the habitat ring, and the camera pans and zooms in. A large section of Hull has just been breached. The reporter's voice is cut off as a deafening boom is heard, slightly after the breach is first seen. The explosion consumes a section of the habitat ring, and flaming debris spreads outward. Alarms sound in the room the reporter is in, but the view remains unchanged.*

"We've just heard a massive explosion from somewhere on the Starbase. It appears as if a large section of the Habitat Ring has been destroyed. No word yet on how many people were in that section, but people were evacuated to bomb shelters and are being evacuated by transport as we-... Yes, all right. Yes, it has been confirmed that the northwest section of the habitat ring has been completely destroyed on this massive four-tier Starbase and word is reaching us that a number of the squadrons have broken off to engage Heavy Defense Arrays on the west pylon."

*The camera switches to a fixed camera overlooking said pylon. Hundreds of missiles impact, creating many small explosions and hullbreaches as the gun-laden spire shoots back. Dozens of bombers explode as the pylon is ravaged. A burst of static comes over the transmission.*

"The starbase has suffered a massive amount of damage already, and the intentions of the Federation here are not known whether they intend to board the starbase or settle for destroying it. Because of this, arrangements have been made to--"

*The transmission suddenly cuts off, and a message flares across the screen:

"Please Stand By"*

The Battle of Nari - Seventh Report

In the midsts of the ongoing battle going on at Starbase Ruby Warrior, a mammoth-sized Imperial fleet was gathered at Nari I and Nari II, striking in two waves at rapid succession at the Federation Military Outpost guarding the Nari nook. The Empire suffered moderate casualties in the siege, but were successful in breaking and destroying the Federal Military Outpost. Yet even after this, heavy fighting still reigned as the Federation struggled to retake the position from the Imperial fleet that stationed itself upon the remains of the former Military Outpost. Federal pilots retreated to Sweetness Palace for repairs before re-engaging.

As the Imperial fleet defended the position however, a ladden Imperial Sardaukar Behemoth-class Transport advanced to the position and rapidly deployed an Imperial Military Outpost, locking the Federal pilots inside. With an Imperial fleet stationed onto the Military Outpost, quiet has largely descended upon the area. One Doomstar did try to breach the Imperial lines, but it was later confirmed to be non-Federal, belonging to the Union pilot Blade Star who has been assisting the Federation. The Doomstar was nevertheless destroyed.

Engagement Result

On the Ruby Warrior front, reports are spreading about Imperial Fighter squadrons arriving from other Starbases to defend the base and have already joined the battle.

The Battle of Nari - Eigth Report - Ruby Warrior Aftermath

In a continuation of the dramatic scenes unfolding in the Battle of Nari, Fighter Squadrons launched by Tsunami and Kavalion arrived to reinforce Dedzy's Starbase of Ruby Warrior. Ruby Warrior's massive arsenal of defense artillery were able to hold off the Federal Bomber squadrons, commanded by Orsan, Goober, Killer, and Shyguy, long enough for these reinforcements and to effect repairs on the damaged Habitat Ring. Cut off by retreat by Imperial fighter squadrons and realizing that capture would not be possible, Federal bomber squadrons attempted to destroy the Core of Ruby Warrior, but failed. Several Federal Bomber Craft attempted to do as much damage to the Empire starbase as possible, destroying three of the station's Heavy Defense Artillery stations, taking heavy losses in doing so. The remainder were forced to surrender as supplies drew low.

Our reporter Kalef Malzy and his crew all survived the ordeal, though 517 others on the Starbase were not so fortunate. Search and Rescue efforts are already in progress, sifting through the debris left behind by over a thousand Bombers and Fighters, but military sources say that because of the extreme intensity of the fighting they do not believe many survived.

Engagement Result

The Enaness Incident

This morning in the system of Enaness, a recent scandal has stricken the war effort when a Federal pilot, known as Lich, defected to the Empire. Rumors had spead of his defection only yesterday, only to be confirmed today when Lich allowed his Starbase in Enaness to be destroyed by squadrons of the Imperial pilot Dedzy. A report of the incident, however, appeared to omit certain details involving Lich's treachery. Dedzy was originally award the Bronze Medal of Power for the destruction, but later had it revoked when the Emperor learned the details, declaring Dedzy's actions, whether intentional or not, collaboration with the enemy. In a rare public appearance, the Emperor commended Dedzy's zeal, and agreed that Dedzy meant no harm in his actions, despite having to revoke the medal.

This scandal, however, caused a great uproar in the high command structure of all factions, and the formerly brilliant prestige attributed to destroying an enemy Starbase has been forever marred by this event. It is unlikely that any faction will be able to look at the destruction of an enemy Starbase quite the same way anymore, not without recalling the events of this day.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Ninth Report - Sweetness Palace

Imperial Squadrons arrived at Sweetness Palace at 2100 this evening. The battle was quick and painless, destroying what limited defenses Sweetness Palace had left. The Imperial Sardaukar Transport ISC Star Forge III, fresh from securing the Military Outpost and surrendering it to Lev Aris of Freeholders' Alliance, then advanced to the Command Center with a full battalion of Sardaukar Elite. The marines boarded the Starbase, ighting through the same sections of the Starbase where many had already lost their lives only days before when the Federation first captured the Starbase. Starbase Sweetness Palace was captured with only light casualties.

2007/02/05 - 21:15
Lancel captured the starbase Sweetness Palace previously owned by Shyguy.
A scene from the capture of Sweetness Palace
Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Tenth Report - Sweetness Palace End

Only hours after the Empire attack on Sweetness Palace, a Federal fleet attacked the nook from Enif, while simultaneously the Federal fleet locked inside the nook revealed itself and attacked Sweetness Palace. The result was devastation.

Outside of the Military Outpost, Federal forces sat just outside of weapons range for some minutes, attempting to draw out some Imperial forces. The Empire opted instead to hold their ground on the Miltary Outpost. The battle began when Federal force moved to attack in an attempt to break the Empire's line, but the sheer amount of firepower arrayed by the Empire utterly destroyed anyone attempting to approach their position, including Blade Star's Doomstar.

Meanwhile, the Federal fleet on the inside, led by Admiral Draumleitir, immediately turned their guns onto the Starbase's core. The Starbase's minimal defenses responded, damaging the fleet and destroying one of their number before being brought down. Less than two minutes later, Federal guns breached the Starbase's Matter-Antimatter Reactor, and the resulting massive explosion annihilated the Starbase.

2007/02/05 - 23:22
Draumleitir destroyed the starbase Sweetness Palace owned by Lancel.

Imperial forces arrived too late to save the Starbase, but responded by annihilating the entire fleet. Admiral Draumleitir, who survived the loss of his ship, was awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for destroying Sweetness Palace.

The Empire's line at the Military Outpost held, and the battle was brought to an end as suddenly as it had started. The Federal fleet inside bravely destroyed the Starbase, though it sealed their destruction, and the Empire fleet destroying twice their losses in Federal and Federal-aligned craft.

Both sides are calling this a victory. Commodore Orsan, who survived the destruction of his ship, said "We considered it a victory on our part. We accomplished our main objective, taking out the Starbase." Sources within the Empire, however, said that this was a tactical move, that the Starbase was damaged to the point of uselessness, and that they had seriously considered simply destroying it themselves to be rid of it. The Empire primarily concerned themselves with destroying the Federation fleets, in which they consider their objective accomplished, tactically allowing the Starbase's guns to damage the Federal fleet and keeping the nook secure, who had no chance of repair.

Nearly 2000 were killed on Sweetness Palace.

Engagement Result
The FederationThe EmpireDRAW -

Chaos in Empire Space

Unconfirmed reports have reached us of sudden massive damage to Empire assets. Contact with Starbase Ruby Warrior in Nari was lost suddenly after an energy burst was detected in the area. We don't know for sure what happened, but the Empire has deployed a reconnaisance unit to determine the status of Ruby Warrior.

Further reports of downed, critical Military Outposts are spreading also, though we are seeking to confirm these reports even as this is read. We have no idea what happened, but we intend to find out, and we will have more on this the second the information is available.

Chaos in Empire Space - Continued

Late-breaking official reports from the Empire have confirmed that Starbase Ruby Warrior has been destroyed utterly as well as at least two critical Military Outposts by unknown causes. The entire Federal fleet rapidly redeployed to take advantage, invading Enaness and the Empire home clusters.

The Battle of Enaness II - First Report

With the loss of a critical Military Outpost, the Federation launched a full assault on the system of Enaness. The Federal fleet was able to quickly overpower the Imperial defenders, breaking through their lines, and engaging them in a massive battle for dominance over the system of Enaness.

The entire system erupted in heavy fighting, with significant losses being suffered on both sides. The greatest of these battles would be fought between Commodore Orsan and Marquis Nanvel.

After the initial surprise attack, the Empire suffered heavy losses before they could regroup for a counter attack. Marquis Nanvel, the hero of the first Battle of Enaness, spear-headed this effort, rallying the Imperial fleet by attacking the Federal fleet head on. Three ships in a row were destroyed by his attack, and immediately Commodore Orsan's Gauntlet flew in to engage Nanvel's damaged ship. A fierce exchange erupted between the two craft, and each ship were dealt heavy damage. Finally though, Orsan's cannons scoured a crippling blow on Nanvel's ship as power failed across the ship. Nanvel was forced to abandon ship before Orsan's cannons reduced the ship to a cloud of dust, avenging over a dozen Federation ships that the Empire ship had claimed.

The Federation claimed the system, setting up Military Outposts to replace the Imperial ones to secure the system. "It was pretty hectic but we managed to hold the line and kill the defenders," Commodore Orsan said in an interview. Commodore Orsan was awarded the Silver Medal of Strength and the Bronze Medal of War for his service in the battle and becoming the most decorated officer in the war as a result.

The Empire, meanwhile, have suffered a crushing defeat, especially Ruby Legion, the owners of the system. Ruby Legion suffered devastating losses to its military and command structure in addition to their base in the North Pardus Rim. A pocket of Imperial resistance still exists, launching from Ruby Legion's Starbase that has yet to be dealt with, but the Federation is confident that the situation will be resolved and the Imperial resistance put down in short order.

Engagement Result


In Lahola, the Federation have established heavy patrols, destroying any and all Imperials that travel through the system. Lahola, a Homeworld system, occupies a key strategic position, being neutral in the war and holding the most direct means of moving between Pardus Empire Contingent and the South Pardus Rim. The Empire has suffered heavy losses in the system.

On the home front, there are scattered reports that several Federation strike groups have entered the Empire home clusters, and dozens of Imperial craft, mostly Ficons, Spectres, and Constrictors, have fallen prey to Federal attacks, leaving even the Empire home clusters unsafe from the Federation war machine.

Nari suffered its own loss with the destruction of Ruby Warrior, the last bastion of Imperial strength in the system. How it was destroyed is unknown at this time, but preliminary reports point to Dark Energy as being a potential cause. Little is known about Dark Energy, except that large concentrations of it exist throughout the known universe, and in fact comprises more than 50% of all material in the known universe, and also that no ship that enters it has ever returned. Dark Energy is also a major contributor to the existence of most Energy Fields, which render large sections of the universe impassable to normal ships. It is believed that Ruby Warrior was consumed by a Dark Energy movement. 60,000 people, including the Starbase's commander, were on board at the time.

Lost in the turmoil caused by these energy bursts, the Empire, prior to the loss of Ruby Warrior and the Military Outposts, reportedly destroyed a Federation Starbase. An investigation since, however, concluded that it too was the victim of foul play, much as Starbase TryOne. Both Imperial and Federal High Commands have been mum on the issue. The squadrons involved were believed to have been commanded by the same pilot as those that attacked the first.

Next, a special report on the nature of what happened to Ruby Warrior. Was it a natural occurance? Was it a new Federation weapon? Or was it a sign of the impending end of the universe? We will have those answers and more later today. Thank you, and good night.

The Battle of Enaness II - Final Report

Today, the leader of the final pocket of resistance, Count Ghoul, was defeated in battle after giving the Federation a good run for almost two days, destroying many Federation ships in several hit and runs. The Imperial resistance was finally put down when Starbase Ruby Star was destroyed by Federal Bombers. Despite fierce resistance, the system has fallen to Federal hands. The loss of a front-line base in North Pardus Rim is definitely a major setback for the Empire.

Engagement Result

Heavy Raiding in Aya

Imperial forces have run several raids in the system of Aya and the surrounding systems. Several buildings are offline in Aya, and some Federation pilots have been shot down with minimal resistance from Federal forces.

Friendly Duel

Viscount Lord Steel and Admiral Nebulosa engaged in single combat aboard their flagships at Usube. Steel's Liberator and Nebulosa's Doomstar traded shots in a furious exchange at a dead burn straight at the other, heavily damaging Nebulosa's Doomstar and causing him to break off. The final volleys of the battle were exchanged as they maneuvered. Both ships were heavily damaged, but Nebulosa's Doomstar was finally destroyed. Lord Steel's ship was left heavily damaged, but reports indicate that his armor held, only just.

Engagement Result

Starbase Delta Function Perturbation Bombed!

A Starbase in Empire space was hit by a large Anti-Matter bomb yesterday, with almost a thousand dead when the explosion created several hull breaches in the habitat ring. The Starbase went on high alert only moments after, but the Starbase's artillery, however, were unable to mark the bomb's deliverer in time to fire. Original suspicions pointed to an act of terrorism, but the investigation quickly turned out that this was an act of war. Short-Range Scanner logs identified the ship as belonging to the Federal Rear Admiral Darmani, using his ship as a fast strike bomber to deliver the payload and then escape. The families of the dead mourn their loss.

Rear Admiral Darmani was awarded the Bronze Medal of Courage, the first medal of its kind to be awarded by the Federation, for succeeding in this mission.

Engagement Result


A seesaw battle has waged in Lahola for the past few days, each attempting to gain control of the only pass to the Nunki wormhole, which serves as the main route to Pardus Empire Contingent. Empire and Federal forces consantly fight for its control, often gaining it for a few hours only to lose it again for a few hours. Ships passing through the system are advised caution, and to contact local pilots to determine if the road is safe before venturing onto it.

Federation Home Clusters Under Attack!

Today, the Empire launched a major attack against the Federation at Pass FED-07, the main path leading from Rashkir Core Cluster to Lane Cluster. Despite best Federal efforts in repulsing the assault and severing Imperial logistics lines, the Military Outpost wall was breached. An Imperial Fleet immediately poured in to take advantage of it, with reports of as many as twenty-five Imperial Space Craft now sweeping across the Rashkir home sector. The Military Outpost wall's current status is not known, but rumors indicate that a reconstruction is already underway, possibly rendering this depe strike in Federation space a suicide run. This is the first major offensive undertaken by the Empire in this war.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Nari - Eleventh Report

Word has reached us of a secretive Empire build up in Nari to rebuild Ruby Warrior. This was put down today by a massive Federal fleet. "Feds mounted the biggest attack I've seen since Beethti," commented Denezar, an involved Empire pilot. There are reports of as many as five Admirals being involved in this, three of which have been confirmed, that of Atrellium, Nebulosa, and Anfauglir. The Empire lines were broken instantly and defenses crushed. The Federal fleet overwhelmed and annihilated the Imperial fleet. The main fighting was over in less than two minutes.

The Federation are calling it a massive and decisive victory in this war, guaranteeing that Nari is contested at the next Galactic Council Territory Meeting, where it is assured that they will classify Nari as a Neutral system, denying the Empire one system, and gaining the Federation another base of operations once the planetary defense systems of Nari I and Nari II are programmed to allow free access. "Tonight's operations was a success beyond our best expectations," Commodore Orsan said at the Commanding Officers' toast to the victory, one of the greatest Federal victories yet in the war.

The Trade Outpost and all defenders were slaughtered to a man, mostly thanks to the efforts of Lt. Commander Rawbert Macsushi, who gave pursuit to the retreating Imperials, running most of them down. Macsushi was credited with four kills in the engagement, and the Federation as a whole claimed six, while suffering no losses.

Stemming out of this is a controversy over Freeholders' Alliance neutrality, with rumors that one of their pilots are using neutrality to scout Imperial fleet movements for the Federation. Furthermore, the Empire is accusing FHA of impotence in their defense of the Nari nook that was given to them after finding a Federal Guard Trade Outpost built inside and the Military Outpost insufficiently stocked to adequately guard the nook. Sources in the Empire and Freeholders' Alliance have yet to make an official statement.

Engagement Result

North Pardus Rim

Only ten minutes ago, the Empire, led by Lexico of Ruby Legion, launched an attack against Starbase Gone Wild, a Federation Starbase in Electra, North Pardus Rim. Ruby Legion's squadrons attacked the Starbase and destroyed it in a matter of minutes, as reported by GNN.

2007/02/13 - 02:18
Lexico destroyed the starbase Starbase Gone Wild owned by Perdix.

The Emperor quickly approved awarding Lexico the Bronze Medal of Power for his successful attack against the Federation, officially now the first Empire pilot to be awarded the medal. This attack marks the first true Federation Starbase loss in the war. GNN did not report any substantial losses to Lexico's squadrons.

Update: For Lexico's service, the Emperor also awarded him the Bronze Medal of War. Shortly after the destruction, Lexico then killed a Federation pilot, Lt. Commander Katsumoto, reported GNN, presumed to have been on the Starbase at the time of its destruction.

Engagement Result

The Battle of Sargas and Fornacis

A second defector was revealed to be in the Federation's midsts when accusations were levied against GhorahKhan of treachery with evidence of secret dealings with members of Ruby Legion only days before the Galactic Council's biweekly territory meeting. Rather than hide this, the Empire came forward and openly confessed this as an Imperial fleet moved into Starbase GhorahKhar's sphere of influence and Bombers were swiftly launched from GhorahKhar under the commander of Duke Alexm, flying the Imperial banner, causing an uproar in the Federal High Command.

Starbase GhorahKhar is located in the system of Sargas, along the Union border. It is the sole Starbase located in Sargas, and as a result, it is the sole determiner of who owns the sector.

In a stirring speech to the people of Starbase GhorahKhar, GhorahKhan swore he would protect them against the greed and power hunger of the Federation, calling the Federation's search for justice and freedom a fraud, and announcing that the Empire was their true calling. He was successful in riling up popular support, and the guns of GhorahKhar turned its guns on the people they formerly called allies on the side of those that were once their enemies. The Federation, meanwhile, have declared GhorahKhan to be disgruntled by an unknown perceived slight, even going as far as to say that this treachery was merely the result of a power hungry megalomaniac, betraying his flag simply for the power and prestige of controlling the fate of an entire Pardus Cluster sector. Federal High Command even made a case of this to The Galactic Council, calling it a breach of the rules of warfare.

The Imperial bombers launched their attack against the next Federal sector of Fornacis, falling upon the Starbase the Lost Temple of Excel, commanded by Captain Tightwad. After a heated battle, the Starbase was destroyed by the Empire, where it's remains now lie scattered at Fornacis [6,23].

2007/02/15 - 07:30
Alexm destroyed the starbase Lost Temple of Excel owned by Tightwad.

A Federation counter attack was launched earlier today consisting of several squadrons of Federal Bombers with Fighter escort spear-heading the attack. GhorahKhar's fighter squadrons launched in response. A large-scale dogfight erupted in the space around the Starbase while Bombers advanced to meet GhorahKhar's defense turrets. The Starbase suffered light damage to defense turrets, as well as a breach of the Habitat Ring. The Bombers were broken and routed, leaving the Core and Command Center intact shortly before the Territory Meeting.

In Fornacis, one of the two Federation Starbases in the sector had been destroyed, leaving only one to defend the Federation's claim to the system with a Union Starbase opposing. But only hours before the Territory Meeting, Starbase Discworld, a Union Starbase, completed the transfer process to Colonel Liquid, re-cementing the Federation's claim on the sector. This unexpected move has led to some concern within the Empire, only adding to the rumors that the Union are secretly supporting the Federation as a whole, rather than merely on an individual basis.

2007/02/15 - 19:28
The starbase ownership of Discworld changed.

As with previous Territory Meetings, this one passed quickly, with The Galactic Council instantly producing a map of the entire Pardus Cluster (kept classified to prevent any side from gaining an advantage). Within minutes the situation was appraised and this official statement was issued.

QUOTE (The Galactic Council)
As of Feb 15, 22:00 GMT, the following territorial changes have taken place in the Pardus Cluster:

The Empire → Neutral

The Federation → The Empire

With GhorahKhar still intact and converted to the Empire, The Galactic Council recognized this as a conquest for the Empire, the first conquest to be recognized. Fornacis, however, still possessed one Federation Starbase, and was preserved as Federation territory. Finally, Nari, with no Starbases in the system, was downgraded to neutral status.

A new source of discussion now is the upgrade in Federation/Union relations to a peaceful, neutral status, promoting free trade between the two factions. Meanwhile, Empire/Union tensions remain high after Xiwi's significant support of the Federation. By transferring his Starbase to the Federation, the Empire are left with still two Starbases to be concerned with in Fornacis, making a take-over or neutralization much more difficult. Furthermore, Blade Star has continued to show support for the Federation, with some sources claiming that the former Admiral of the Federal Navy has been talking to Union leaders on the Federation's behalf.

GhorahKhar, newly sworn in under the Empire, was awarded the Bronze Medal of Conquest, the first issued in the war, and the Bronze Medal of War for his great gift to the Empire.

For leading the assault on the Lost Temple of Excel, Alexm was awarded the Bronze Medal of Power and the Bronze Medal of War.

Engagement Result

Pirates Working for the Federation?

The Empire has recently released a report on losses in and around the system of Daaya not only to Federal craft, but also to unregistered craft believed to be piloted by known pirates such as Solomar. The report shows that the unmarked craft use cloaking devices to cloak in open space, appearing to ambush any bountied and Imperial ship in the area. Information indicates that since the war started, Solomar has not engaged any Federal craft, despite his close proximity to a Federal nook in Daaya. It is believed that Solomar and his accomplices have been using the nook as a safe zone to retreat to. The Empire has accused the Federation of using Pirates to further their war effort, and announced that they will not tolerate such actions.

Solomar has openly supported Federal actions in and around the area, including at the Battle at Starbase Gone Wild, where he shot down Lexico. During these actions, Solomar also collected the oldest bounty on record Tuesday when he defeated Wildcard.

Exotic Crystals in Dubhe

Earlier this week, the Black Hole in the Federal System of Dubhe entered the unpredictable cycle of Exotic Crystal generation, complicating the war effort. These cycles tend to last for a few days, ejecting small amounts of Exotic Crystals at regular intervals. The Empire, seeking to take advantage of the situation, have engaged Federal forces in skirmishes in Dubhe hoping to pick off Federal craft, but word is the Federation have already moved in a fleet to garrison the system against Imperial invasion and guard their pilots as they collect the crystals.

Starbase Gone Wild: Rescue Mission or Fraud?

On wedneseday, following the destruction of Starbase Gone Wild, Ruby Legion released a report indicating that the assault on Starbase Gone Wild was, in fact, a rescue mission for one of the Ska'ari seen in footage showing a Ska'ari present at the Usube incident. The report claims that this Ska'ari was still alive, and was rescued by Imperial marines shortly before Lexico gave the order to destroy the station. The Empire's report claims that the Ska'ari shown was an assistant at the Ska'ari embassy on Earth, who was captured, tortured, and forced to don the uniform to help the Federation to fabricate the video. The report also claims that his family is being held in a Federal prison, and that rescue operations are already in effect for them.

The Federation, however, have declared this report to be a complete lie, denying that any of the events described took place and citing the convenience of the Starbase's destruction effectively preventing any investgation without going through highly secure Imperial channels, where the Empire could freely alter the facts and present only what they want to present to incriminate the Federation in this.

Other Federal sources claim that the Ska'ari shown in the image suffered injuries in an accident, and paid for medical treatment and a spa.

Image purportedly from an Imperial Marine camera, showing the badly wounded Skaari

The name of the Ska'ari was not released for his and his family's protection.

Neutral observers say that no investigation here will get anywhere because of the sheer amount of red tape.

War Tech: NN550 Fleet Missile Released

While large skirmishes rage throughout half of the known universe between the Empire and the Federation, weapon manufacturers have released the successor to the venerable NN500 Fleet Missile, dubbed the NN550 Fleet Missile. This missile utilizes much the same chassis and warhead as the venerable NN500 Fleet Missile but features new electronics, taking advantage of recent advances in the field, creating a smarter, more efficient missile with the same firepower as a Fleet.

The High Commands of all three factions reviewed test firings of the new missile, finding that the missile does exactly as it claims. The Federal and Union navies were overjoyed at the prospect of a new, more intelligent weapon to equip their ships with, and already plans are underway to refit their existing ships with the new missile. In stark contrast, the Imperial navy was disquieted by the results. Their official report said boldly: "While this development is a step ahead for the rest of the universe, this development in missile intelligence is still far behind that of the Empire's premiere missiles, such as the Elite series and especially the King series."

Federal High Command, however, is optimistic, and believes this missile to be just what they need to turn the war around for them.

War Tech: Imperial Elites Compromised!

In a shocking development, the Federation discovered and exploited a critical weakness buried in the Imperial Elite electronics package that makes them so accurate. A ship testing this new capability engaged three Imperial Phantoms, equipped with the Empire's standard wartime missile, the Imperial Elite Mk.II. When the Phantom's launched their missiles, however, they found that all six quickly veered off target. "I don't know what went wrong with them, they just started flying around erratically. I ended up getting hit by one of them," one of the Imperial pilots stated for the record.

Keldon scientists quickly tackled this problem, releasing formerly-classified design specifications for a quadruple redundancy Elite series electronics package. "We were aware of the flaw in the Elite series design, but it was decided that the flaw, while critical, was so precise that it would be almost an impossibility for anyone to actually find it," an anonymous Keldon scientist said. The "new" electronics package was developed a year ago during the previous war to account for these flaws and others, but was never released because of the added cost in build time and materials required to make it. The Emperor was quick to declassify it and release it to all Imperial facilities, as well as declaring that all currently produced Elite series missiles were to be refitted immediately with the new electronics package, paid for by the Empire.


With many major resources exhausted in the opening weeks, the war has settled into skirmishes being waged across the universe, with hot spots including the West Pardus Rim, South Pardus Rim, and sections of Pardus Cluster. In these skirmishes, the Empire has clearly excelled in ship to ship combat, and may yet win the war based solely on this performance. Empire missiles have been a major contributor to this, as the Fire-And-Forget nature of missiles allow even unskilled Empire pilots to inflict damage to much more skilled Federal pilots. The introduction of the NN550 Fleet Missile has yet to change that, as the missile is still being integrated into established missile production facilities on planets as well as starbases.

However, the Federation have seen success as well, with Federal fleets making strafing runs against Empire buildings in Nunki and Lower Heze, the continued blockade of critical passes in Lahola and Nari, and most notably in the efforts of the Federation's elite. One in particular has earned the fear, respect, and ire of the Imperial fleet: Commodore Orsan.

The most decorated officer in the Federal Fleet, Orsan has played a major part in the war, leading several offensives and defeating many noteworthy Imperial pilots. In the past 24 hours alone, Orsan has defeated Count Ghearaz Fezdan and Count Wildcard in battle, earning great respect from the Federation High Command. Many in the Federation have said he may become the most decorated officer and the greatest war hero of the war, a dream that may come true, as his only competition in the Empire is Duke Alexm, who holds the same medals.

Commodore Orsan currently holds the Bronze and Silver Medals of Strength, the Bronze Medal of War, and the Bronze Medal of Power.

Sources including retired military commanders and military analysts indicate the low activity in the war is the result of post-Territory Meet. "What happened in Nari was that the Federation attacked too early," one analyst said, "Timing is everything with conquest. Because of the nature of how a conquest is recognized by The Galactic Council, future attacks in Pardus Cluster are likely to occur closer to the next territory meet, putting a severe time constraint on potential counter attacks. A faction could hold a sector for all of five seconds and still have a conquest recognized if The Galactic Council decided during those five seconds. It's really all it takes."

Federation Capture Nari Nook

In an official statement Thursday the Federation officially declared their capture of the Nari nook in an operation led by Captain Macros and retired Admiral Blade Star. Initial resistance was light to the Federal fleet, reported as being some 40 ships in size, and two Military Outposts were destroyed, one owned by Lev Arris of Freeholders Alliance. An Imperial defense force responded shortly thereafter, but was crushed and repulsed by the Federal fleet. Commodore Orsan earned two kills in the operation, as was previously reported.

Lt. Cmdr. Rawbert Macsushi declared the operation a complete success. Sources in Freeholders Alliance, however, say that the alliance is deeply embittered by the Federation's attack on a nook given to them by the Empire.

Military experts believe that the Federation intend to build a Starbase in the nook in order to capture the system of Nari, currently neutral after both Starbases in the sector were destroyed during the first Battle of Nari. This speculation is only bolstered by a GNN report of Shyguy building a Trading Outpost less than thirty minutes after the attack took place. Shyguy was the Federal Officer who commanded Starbase Sweetness Palace in that same nook when the Federation owned it.

Engagement Result

Bombing of Begreze

In late-breaking news, an large Imperial Fleet has attacked the system of Begreze, belonging to a Federal-aligned trade alliance, the Sindarin Trade Society (STS). The attack was carried out at only 0700 this morning, launching from the system of Usube, and including a large fleet of Bombers and Fighters. We can confirm that Starbase Tol Eressea, the headquarters of STS under the command of their leader, Eriol, was destroyed in the opening moments of the attack. Meanwhile, the main fleet has turned their guns onto the surrounding buildings, and fire is being traded between the Defense Droids and the attacking Imperial fleet.

Preliminary reports indicate moderate losses to Federal forces, with many Federation craft destroyed upon entering the sector. One report indicates that a Federal Nighthawk Deluxe in the protection zone of Starbase Scorpion's Sting was suddenly attacked and destroyed by two Imperial Phantoms with little to no warning. The Empire suffered one loss to building defenses so far.

Furthermore... we have just now received reports from observers present at the battle that the sector of Begreze has been... almost entirely leveled. Yes, GNN confirms that most of the myriad of buildings in the sector have been completely destroyed, leaving nothing behind but fields of clustered debris fields.

Engagement Result

Skirmish Report

Lahola - Sources in the Empire have reported that they have recaptured the Lahola-Nunki pass from the Federation. Empire traffic is once again flowing, and the Federal presence in the area has significantly diminished. The Federal fleet was believed to have been redeployed to other battlegrounds last week, with some of the names appearing recently in Nari.

Nari - Federal and Imperial strike groups have been fighting over the Lucidi Military Outposts that separate Pardus Federation Core (PFC) and Pardus Empire Core (PEC). A passerby can expect an ambush on any of the four Military Outposts.

Zirr - In a follow-up action to the attack on Begreze, Imperial forces have launched attacks against facilities in Zirr, destroying many of the static defenses and scoring kills in attacks of opportunity. Imperial fleets were waylaying passing Federation pilots with superior forces for some time before Lieutenant Commander Yoda was deployed to scout and break these ambushes.

Federation Deep Strike Procyon!

In a recent fleet action during the same time as the attack on Zirr and Begreze, the Federation broke through a Military Outpost in a nook in the Empire sector of Procyon, two jumps from Nari. No word yet on the level of the damage done, but expected fall out includes heavy raiding of the interior buildings. Some experts believe that the nook struck in Procyon was a drug nook, and that it was attacked to prevent the use of illegal stimulants in Empire pilots. The Empire denies all such claims.

The Empire attempts to recapture Nari!

The Empire yesterday attempted to recapture the Nari nook once again, meeting little to no resistance as they broke through the first two of the Federation's staggering three-deep Military Outpost walls. The final Military Outpost, located at a strategic choke point, delivered fierce resistance to the Imperial fleet. The Empire broke through the Federal fleet to attack the Military Outpost, but shockingly found that it was at maximum strength, with retired Admiral Blade Star personally joined in its defense.

"Our foes were plenty and of the bravest I've seen in this war, but we were well prepared and held the line without much difficulty, despite our losses," was the official statement given by Commodore Orsan. His ship was heavily damaged in an engagement with Kevorkian. The Imperial fleet broke and withdrew when Commodore Orsan destroyed Marquis Frozen's ship.

With this latest information and time running out, it is quickly becoming unlikely the Empire will be able to capture the nook before the Trade Outpost's projected Starbase upgrade completion time, which comes up in only three hours from the time of this article.

Engagement Result

The Empire Destroys Bitter Shoal Lighthouse

2007/02/28 - 08:48
Azzaphox destroyed the starbase Bitter Shoal Lighthouse owned by The General.

This morning, Marchesa Azzaphox led Bomber Squadrons to attack and destroy a Starbase in the upper region of Lane Cluster. Her bombers quickly overwhelmed the Starbase's defenses and destroyed the Starbase Core, making this the fourth major Federation Starbase destroyed so far in the war. She was awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for her success.

Engagement Result

Skirmish - Nari

Further skirmishing at the Lucidi Military Outposts in Nari were led successfully by Imperial forces this morning, with the most noteworthy defeat being that of Admiral Pvt Stash when three Empire Phantoms detected him on long-range sensors and engaged his Doomstar in open combat shortly after he had been ambushed by the same Empire fleet. Count Mgeoffriau, who claimed the kill, was awarded the Bronze Medal of War and the Silver Medal of Strength.

Elsewhere in the skirmish, Admiral Draumleitir was awarded the Bronze Medal of War for shooting down the leader of the Imperial Sardaukar.

And finally, Starbase Nari War Memorial went online this morning at 0018 in the Nari nook, commanded by Shyguy. With the Starbase now online and nothing to compete, the sector of Nari is expected to be conquered by the Federation, unless the Empire does something before the territory meeting tonight at 2200 hours.

The Fall of GhorahKhar

GhorahKhar was destroyed by a Federal armada this morning. The Federation fleet pulverized through a two-deep Military Outpost wall, moving in a mass of squadrons to engage the heavily defended Starbase. Several squadrons were lost just during principle combat with the guarding Fighter Squadrons and the Heavy Defense Artillery arrays.

Evilpenguin encountered difficulty in communicating with his squadrons due to interference. With his fighter squadrons out of position, the Federal armada was able to concentrate on destroying the Starbase's defenses. In the span of a half hour, the base was ravaged by the Federal armada, annihilating all four arms before moving in and destroying the Starbase core. Tens of thousands of lives were lost in the Federation's thorough destruction of the defected Starbase.

The Federal Senate was ecstatic at the news, and Federal High Command issued several medals, including the first two Silver Medals of Power, awarded to Commodore Alathaniel and Lieutenant Commander Wildfire. Commodore Alathaniel was also awarded the Bronze Medal of Power. The heroism here marks the end of Empire reign in Sargas. With no Starbase or Trade Outpost in the system, the system is expected to turn to neutrality at the next Territory Meet.

Engagement Result

The Second Territory Meeting

With the second territory meeting of the war now complete, The Galactic Council renounced the Empire claim of Sargas, returning it to neutrality. This blow to the Empire's war effort was multiplied by the Federation's successful conquest of Nari, leaving the Empire with only five controlled systems and lowest daily subsidy ever recorded (250,000/day). Lieutenant Shyguy was heralded as a hero of the Federation for establishing this claim, and was promptly rewarded the Bronze Medals of War and Conquest for his meritorious service.

This territory meeting makes for a sudden reversal of roles, where formerly one Empire system was neutralized and one Federal sector conquered, now one Federal sector is neutralized and one Empire sector conquered. It further makes a severe blow to the Empire war effort. With defense systems on Nari I and Nari II configured to Federation standards, many Empire ships will no longer be able to trade with the Class M planets, cutting the Imperial Starbases in Lower Heze off from their primary source of food and water.

Due to Sargas' position, it is believed that the Federation will be able to easily reclaim the system and rebuild Starbases in preparation for the next territory meeting. Whether the Empire will contest this or not remains to be seen.

QUOTE (The Galactic Council)
Nari: Neutral → The Federation
Sargas: The Empire → Neutral
Engagement Result

The War Moves to Heze

With the successful conquest of Nari by the Federation, the Federation have moved their war effort to the Class A system of Heze, where they have conducted extensive and successful raiding of the system, severely disrupting trade. Federal patrols have also been sighted defending the energy clouds between the Heze wormhole and Nari I, destroying Imperial trade ships and fighters alike. As a consequence of this, supplying Lower Heze has become extremely difficult and trade severely hurt. In the past day, the Federation have been slowly turning around their considerable losses in the first month of the war in skirmishes with the Empire. This news comes as a relief to citizens of the Federation, seen as a sign that Federation has begun to turn the war around. In the Empire though, the news is worrying, yet the Imperial high command remains optimistic of victory.

The Battle of Dubhe
Special Report written by Pilot Tyrq, edited by Lancel

With the e-crystal gold rush still fresh in our minds the federation takes another assault in one of it's main e-matter producing sectors Dubhe was under fire recently by a major empire attack on Admiral Shwabrer's starbase "Prancing Crystal". A large fleet of imperial squadrons owned by Lancel and Kavalion consisting of 1800 bombers were heading toward Dubhe to destroy Prancing Crystal, but the empire's fleet was discovered.

"I logged on ~ 12 hours before the attack by the empire on the Prancing Crystal, with messages from a number of pilots tell me of the Bombers in the area. Two of my fighter squads had already been launched and sent to help defend Prancing Crystal, by a pilot authorized to do so."
Colonel Zowy

But it was not enough Orsan's, Zowy's and Shwabrer's squadrons along with Prancing cyrstal's defenses were not enough to stop the power of lancel's and Kavalion's squadrons, though they made a good try and there were many casualties on both sides.

"I then set out my other 3 fighter squads one at a time to counter attack over the course of the next 16 hours before moving them back to protect my CC. I managed to kill the 7 most heavily damaged empire Bomber squads before their shields could recharge."
Colonel Zowy

Editor's Final Word: Kavalion successfully destroyed the Prancing Crystal, but the squadrons were largely devastated and forced into retreat at Meduna. Kavalion was awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for his victory.

Engagement Result

Nari Claim Cemented

With the Federation's completion of Starbase Therbligs Delight just recently in Nari, the Federation hold on the system has been fully affirmed, giving the Federation both Starbase locations under their control. Imperial war experts believe that this new starbase is located nearer to the wormhole to Upper Heze, and will serve as a major staging ground for further Federation sorties.

Sessrumnir Nook Raided

The Imperial Sardaukar home nook was raided yesterday due to a logistical failure in stocking the Sardaukar Military Outposts. All buildings were attacked by Federation pilots including Admiral Nebulosa and Commodore Orsan, successfully destroying three key Sardaukar structures. The Military Outpost was promptly brought back online, with a fleet standing by to destroy any Federation craft attempting a second strike. A Doomstar was reported just outside of combat range for several minutes before disappearing without engaging. A significant blow was dealt to the Sardaukar economy, a blow that will surely take them several days at least to recover, and in these troubled times, with the enemy on their doorstep, it is precious time that no one in this position can afford.

Engagement Result

Admiral Shwabrer first to be awarded the Silver Medal of War

Admiral Shwabrer became the first recipient of the Federation Silver Medal of War in a dramatic turn of events Monday when his Doomstar, the Merkava MK5, was ambushed by three Empire Phantoms. Despite being outnumbered and being taken by surprise, Shwabrer brilliantly captained his ship to not only survive the sudden ambush, but also to annihilate the Empire attack fleet. All three Phantoms were destroyed or crippled during the engagement, notably defeating the famous Empire pilot Warbird in mere seconds. The Federation cheered his victory, with Federal pilots further emboldened by this victory. In Empire circles meanwhile, murmurs of Shwabrer's victory cast fear in their hearts and questions as to if it was safe even for ambushing. For this victory, Shwabrer was given the Silver Medal of War, the first given in the entire war, establishing him as the premiere war hero of the Federation.

Engagement Result

Fastest Doomstar Kill Ever?

In other news, Hidden is believed to have defeated a Doomstar in battle quicker than ever thought possible when he luckily stumbled across Admiral Brackard's new Doomstar on its shakedown cruise for final armor and weapon fitting. Hidden was victorious in just 8 seconds, suffering no damage from the defenseless Doomstar.

Engagement Result


Over the weekend Imperial Keldon Core was breached by a large Federal task force. Federal strike teams have poured into the cluster, looking to disrupt the Empire economy and get a few quick kills. Several reports have come in to GNN about damage and destruction caused by the teams, with extensive damage to buildings and several defensive structures destroyed as the Federation try to take advantage of this event. Among them, The Irishman was sighted.

Last week, the Empire rejoiced when Shwabrer's ship was destroyed in an Imperial Paladin ambush. Kalle was credited with the kill, a blow that represents a key victory for Imperial morale, proving that even Admiral Shwabrer can be defeated. Kalle was awarded the Bronze Medal of Strength for the kill. It has done little to slow down Shwabrer however, as he has since gone on to claim the position as most decorated officer in the war. Recently, Shwabrer became the first, and thus far only, officer to earn a Gold medal. The Admiralty pinned Shwabrer with the Federation Gold Medal of Strength for continued sterling performance in Ship-to-Ship combat with the Empire.

Admiral Shwabrer now holds six medals, more than any other pilot in the war: the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals of Strength, the Bronze Medal of Power, and the Bronze and Silver Medals of War.

The Third Territory Meeting

The third territory meeting came as a disappointment to many. Where the first two were filled with many dramatic changes, the third, curiously enough, had no such changes. Not even Sargas, whom many widely considered would be reclaimed by the Federation in the two weeks they had to rebuild, returned from neutrality. Nari, meanwhile, remains conquered. With the Empire not contesting the claim, the Galactic Council left Nari in Federation control, and Starbase Commanders Shyguy and Therblig were award Medals of Conquest for holding the forts. Shyguy became the first pilot to be awarded the Silver Medal of Conquest for successfully holding Starbase Nari War Memorial through two Territory Meetings.

At this point, most believe that Nari will remain Federation territory for quite some time, as the Empire has made no attempt to reclaim the sector. After the war, however, it remains to be seen what will become of Nari, though it can be assumed that Nari will be a topic of hot contention during peace time. The system, meanwhile, continues to support the Federal war effort, making dents in the Empire's lead that the Empire struggles to suppress with further kills.

The major disappointment comes from Sargas, where many expected the Federation to secure claims by now and earn the Federation a 400k daily subsidy, breaking the record currently held by the Union and Federation at 350k, but this did not come this past territory meet. With Sargas still neutralized, hopes run high for the next territory meet.

Terms of Surrender, and a Territory Meet

On April 5th, Jack Lancel of the Imperial Sardaukar sent communications proposing that the Federation surrender to the Empire, ceding all Starbases in Nari to the Empire in exchange for the withdrawal of forces from both sides back to Galactic Council propose lines. Various things such as a monetary fee were proposed, but the proposal was met with laughter and scorn. The Federation said that Sargas had Starbases again, and are at no risk of losing it, nor can the Empire cede it, having no claim to it. Where Empire pilots cited their superior military damage, the Federation pointed out that the Empire were losing territorially, and that despite what "silly numbers" said concerning military performance, that the Federation were winning. It appeared that the only acceptable terms would be if the Empire surrendered to the Federation, leaving Nari to the Federation and withdrawing all forces from these territories.

The Empire refused, and in response launched a bomber attack with intent to deny Sargas from the Federation. One Starbase was destroyed in the attack, but the remaining base was left standing, securing Sargas for the Federation once again.

This latest Territory Meeting marks a historic occasion, gifting the Federation with the largest subsidy ever recorded of 400,000 credits daily.

Therblig and Shyguy now exist securely with the only two Silver and Gold Medals of Conquest in existence. A transfer was made before and immediately after the Territory meeting, temporarily transferring command of Nari War Memorial to Admiral Shwabrer. Due to the nature of how conquests are determined, Shwabrer was seen to be in command of Nari War Memorial at the time of the territory meeting, and so was awarded with the Bronze Medal of Conquest, leaving Shwabrer to once again outstrip all other pilots in medals earned during the war.

Engagement Result

Federation Ravages Lower Heze

The Empire reels from a crippling blow rendered by the Federation last night when a mass of carpet bombing runs were launched along with a Federal fleet for support. This strike, apparently in the works for many weeks prior, was executed flawlessly by the top members of the Federation Admiralty. Lower Heze was decimated by the strike, with all three Starbases in the system destroyed, including the Imperial Sardaukar Headquarters, Starbase Sessrumnir, after the Federal fleet destroyed the Sardaukar military and Military Outposts. The Federation encountered launched units of the Sardaukar 'Valkyries' and other squadrons from nearby Starbases. These offered resistance, but reserve squadrons on Sessrumnir were unable to be scrambled in time to protect the Starbase. A half-dozen pilots stationed on Sessrumnir were also destroyed, mostly members of The Imperial Guard. Burseg-Count Lancel was unavailable for comment.

Three other Starbases were destroyed, including the Corner Shop located not far outside the Sessrumnir nook, and also Dawn and Prides Rest. Dawn represented a loss not only to the Empire, but to the historic community. Dawn was the first Starbase to be constructed in Pardus Cluster, getting its name from being there at the start of the Pardus Cluster colonization.

The Federation unanimously declared it the greatest, and perhaps most decisive victory of the war, with four Imperial Starbases destroyed in a single night, nearly doubling the number of Imperial Starbases destroyed since the start of the war. The Lower Heze fleets were reported as being nearly completely destroyed, with next to no Federal casualties suffered. Rear Admiral Orsan, who was newly promoted during the battl, was at a press release today, ecstatic at the victory and declaring, "Anyone knows the song: Lower Heze is burning down burning down?" to varied reactions across the known universe.

Several pilots were particularly recognized for their deeds during the battle: Lt. Commander Rawbert Macsushi, Lieutenant Shyguy, and Admiral Atrellium were awarded the Federation Bronze Medal of Power; then-Commodore Orsan was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral; Rear Admiral Orsan and Captain Goober were awarded the Federation Silver Medal of Power, the third and fourth to be given in the war; Rear Admiral Orsan also received the Federation Silver Medal of War for his meritorious service.

No matter what your view of this battle is, however, none can deny that this victory was a feat of epic proportions

Engagement Result

Imperial Counter-Attack in Nari

A planned assault turned counter-attack was launched by the Empire on the heels of the crippling Federation strike with intention to retake Nari. Imperial Bomber squadrons quickly engaged Starbase Therbligs Delight while the Imperial fleet, led by The Imperial Guard, fired salvos and strafing runs against the Federal Nari fleet as the ships were being repaired after the recent Federal campaign. The Starbase was destroyed in short order, with the Imperial Fleet advancing quickly to the Military Outpost guarding the nook of Starbase Nari War Memorial. After heavy fighting, the defenders were overwhelmed and caught off guard, resulting in further Federal casualties, decimating the Federation Nari fleet.

Remnants of the Federal attack force moved to counter, blocking the Imperial Bombers strategically and buying time for Nari War Memorial. Meanwhile, the Empire constructed a Military Outpost to replace the one destroyed. The Empire quickly declared Nari free of Federation rule, calling for Starbase commander Shyguy to surrender the Starbase so that those trapped would be allowed to escape and live. The Federation denied this, while the Empire holds a blockade over Nari War Memorial as of this morning.

Marchesa Achillia Scotia and Count Ghearaz Fezdan were both awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for their bombing of Therblig's Delight.

Engagement Result

Siege of Nari War Memorial Lifted

Federal reinforcements arrived this afternoon twelve hours after the initial shots were fired in the Imperial counter attack. Empire forces held their ground after suffering losses to Federation ambushes and Time Bombs. The Empire's "dummy" Military Outpost was destroyed and replaced with a Federal one. Federation forces then lay in ambush on the new Military Outpost, damaging Prince Dada one his way to the Military Outpost with Droid Modules for the defense. When final reinforcements arrived, the Federation quickly erected two additional Military Outposts, fully blocking the Empire fleet and cutting them off.

Less than an hour later, a full Federal attack was launched using the Federation's most elite pilots to lift the siege. Of the twenty Doomstars currently in service, nine of them were present for this battle, including eight Federal Admirals and retired Admiral Blade Star. The Empire blockade was overwhelmed, suffering 50% losses in the opening moments, though managing to inflict a few casualties on the Federation forces before falling, including one of the nine Doomstars. Burseg-Count Lancel retreated to the Military Outpost after initial engagement and attempted to organize the direct defense of the Military Outpost with his Phantom and the ten Avengers that had been installed before the Military Outpost blockade was put into place. After engaging the remaining eight Doomstars and their escort craft for several minutes, the attackers finally overwhelmed the defenses, destroying all ten Avengers. Burseg-Count Lancel himself was shot down only moments later when the Federal fleet turned their guns onto his crippled fighter in unison, vaporizing his ship in a single volley.

There were no reports of Escape Pod malfunction during the battle, though some Empire pilots claim targetting system malfunctions may have sabotaged the battle. Imperial technicians and scientists are investigating these reports.

Marquis Eden was awarded the Bronze Medal of Strength for his victory over Admiral Pegasus. On the Federation side, Admiral Draumleitir was awarded the Silver Medal of War for numerous kills, while Admiral Anfauglir was awarded the Bronze Medal of Power for performance against the Military Outpost's Avenger droids.

With the Imperial siege lifted, the Federation guess that the attack is over and that Nari is again secure for an overall sweeping and decisive victory in the Pardus Empire Contingent. A military analyst predicts that it will be months before the Empire is able to launch another attack on Nari because of the depletion of Squadron resources due to this last attack and the major losses suffered in Lower Heze. This overall victory has quieted the Empire's boasts of winning the war, and there have since been reports that diplomatic relations between the Federation and the Empire have been reformed once again in secret, with talks being made behind the scenes toward a peace treaty. More on this as information becomes available.

Engagement Result

Elite Federals Ravage Pardus Empire Contingent

The elite Federation fleet, on the heels of its successful lifting of the Empire blockade of Nari War Memorial, have swept across Pardus Empire Contingent, intercepting and destroying all Imperial craft. Trade has been disrupted in the region as the Federal fleet destroys more and more imperial transports. So far, the Empire has been unable to stop the Federation's rampage, taking severe losses, including the defeat of Prince Ilhan by Admiral Shwabrer, with minimal losses sustained by the Federation fleet.

Some analysts are already calling this a major turning point in the war, and if these activities are allowed to continue, will undoubtedly lead to a crushing victory over the Empire for the war.

This engagement appears to be ongoing.

Engagement Result


In a historic move, the Federation High Commander and the Emperor of the Empire agreed to a cease fire over universal channels. Fleets on both sides were ordered to stand down when it was learned that former Admiral Cere hid evidence pertaining to the Usube massacre to protect his brother, the infamous pirate Ragnar Cere, whom the hidden evidence linked to. His motives for detonating the weapon are unknown, but some theorize that Ragnar Cere intentionally sought to cause a war for exploit and profit.

As it turns out, thanks to his brother, he got two wars.

A massive bounty has been put forward by both factions for the capture of Ragnar Cere. Ragnar Cere does not affiliate with any known faction.

Former Admiral Cere was stripped of rank pending a full investigation. He has already confessed that he hid evidence. "I was only trying to protect my brother," former Admiral Cere said at his confession.

With the cease fire now in effect, pilots are standing down across the universe, and peace talks have begun to discuss the final peace treaty.

A major issue on this treaty is likely to be the position of Nari and Lower Heze, all destroyed by the Federation and laid claim to. While the Federation was able to lay claim to vast territories, however, the Empire outperformed the Federation in open combat, inflicting severe damage to the Federation fleet. The issue of how this war started is sure to also be brought up. It is expected the Empire will push for the return of all territories conquered during the war.

Peace talks are expected to begin next week, after it is confirmed that both fleets have stood down.

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