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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005   One year Pardus
Exactly one year ago we decided to make Pardus public and open for all players after a long time of developing and closed testing. What started as small project has grown to a fairly big game with a great player base so far. As a small thankyou all existing players received a gift in form of a random resource, and new pilots finishing the tutorial this month will receive 10.000 instead of the 5.000 starting credits.

The following list shows the progress of Pardus with its continuous enhancements:

  • After the first weeks we had a maximum of about 100 players online each day, now there are over 900.

  • The universe had to grow analogically: with 25 sectors at the beginning, there are 182 in the meantime.

  • Four different races with their own homeworlds and clusters were introduced.

  • Additionally, we implemented the two factions "Federation" and "Empire" with a special reputation system, including the ranking within a faction.

  • New ship types were added, increasing the number of different ships from 14 to 31. Besides, many new weapons and other equipment have found their way into Pardus.

  • With more and more players piloting technically advanced ships, new hostile alien lifeforms have regularly been appearing in Pardus, sometimes only a few of great strength or like recently a huge amount of critters creating a nest and occupying a whole sector.

  • Along with the addition of several new building types which generated the need for new resources, players were given the possibility to construct starbases.

  • Player-owned starbases were further enhanced by an inner structure, which add more complexity and individuality to those starbases.

  • Another factor of constant entertainment which is offered by and to all of our players are alliance politics, pirates and bounty hunters, and great wars or swift actions.

  • In addition there are daily updates to the game code which are not always visible to the player. Internally we are at revision 2277.

  • Pardus has recently moved to a new server with a faster cpu, and most importantly, four times the amount of RAM as the old one.

  • There are many fan projects started by players, a map of the whole universe and a side scrolling shooter to name just two of them.

We have put a lot of work into Pardus and will certainly continue to do so. For example, we plan to introduce starbase battles and hireable fighter squadrons in the near future. Also the third faction "Union" along with its own ship types and equipment is waiting to be implemented.

At this point we want to say a big thankyou to the awesome Pardus community, with your effort (helping other players, ideas and bug reports) you have helped Pardus to become what it is now. We also want to thank the donators for their generous contributions to the game, this really supports us to pay the new server guaranteeing fast and stable gameplay.

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