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Saturday, April 16th, 2005   Background story completed, new fan sites
Today we have put the sixth and final chapter of the Pardus background story online. Learn what becomes of the war-waging Empire and Federation, and how "Mad" Max Sheppard and his band of freelancers fit into this picture.
Special thanks to Christoph Zach, our story writer, who already finished the story a few months ago.

Exactly seven months after Pardus was opened to the public, we would like to present you the most exciting fan sites created by our ever-growing and active community so far.

Thanks to Nick Pan, The Tiacken Tribune is not only a source with excellent design, but also has highly gripping and funny content, written by Brackard, its editor.
The Tribune - named after the Tiacken sector in the heart of the Neutral Cluster - is published every monday and deals with interesting topics regarding the latest ingame events, such as the just bygone siege of Tiacken and its surrounding by the newly formed underground guild The Order of the Shining Night.
Besides, this paper features interviews with interesting or influential personalities from the Pardus universe, Tips & Tricks, and a lot more.

The Pardus Data Vault, a project by Xump & Co., describes itself with this paragraph:

Pardus Data Vault is a player site for Pardus, of course. Here tools are being developed to make life easier in our little corner of the galaxy.
The first tool developed is the Building Tool. Here you can show and calculate upkeep, production and profits of buildings. Also, you can calculate how much metal, ore and energy are you are going to need for various upgrades!

The page is under development, but the perfectly working building tool is a valuable addition for all players. We are eager to know what the Pardus Data Vault will present as its next achievement.

Cassandra Aegwynn, also known as "The Holy Traveller", has made it her inexorable and altruistic task to explore and map the whole universe down to every atom and quark. So far she made an excellent job, and we wish her good luck with future expansions! Player Madox has provided her with a page where she can upload any updates after sector changes - usually within days or hours: http://pardus.find-ich.org.

Also some alliances and groups have created their own pages and forums, most notably the Pardusian Chambers of Commerce.

All important links can be found in the new Links section.

Following an ongoing ingame banner contest, we thank all players (most importantly Notum and nickpan) who contributed graphics and are going to do so. These banners can be found in the new Support section of our page.

Thanks everyone for playing and helping us to spread the word about our free online game!

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