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Thursday, May 16th, 2013   Permissions and Contacts, New Feature Poll
"Permissions and Contacts", the feature that has won the last feature poll, has been implemented. Players are now able to set fine-grained permissions for their contacts, i.e. other players, alliances and factions. Permissions include access to buildings and starbases, hiring of squadrons, passage through military outposts, inclusion and exclusion in ambushes and timebombs.

Contact Group

The new system integrates seamlessly with the old "Friends and Foes" mechanics. As usual all details can be found in our manual.

Once again we have created a feature poll in the forums allowing our players to decide on the immediate future of Pardus: → Link to poll (need to be logged in, voting possible until June 16th)
This poll includes all options of the previous feature poll with one new entry replacing the introduced feature. Thank you for voting!

We would also like to thank all players providing thought-out ideas in our feature request forum. We hope you enjoy the new feature,
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