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Friday, December 1st, 2023   Pardus Christmas Offer
Once again it is time for our HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER:
Between now and December 31st, all players who sign up or extend their Premium Accounts will receive the following benefits:

  • +10% Premium time of the purchased product

  • Premium Universe Pass: Additional access to the Pegasus universe for the same amount of days (100%) as the purchased Premium Account after it has expired

  • A special commodity - Christmas Glitter - which can be used as paint, giving your ship Christmas colors for 14 days
    Christmas Rover Christmas Trident Christmas Leviathan Christmas Dominator Christmas Extender Christmas Junker IV

  • Players gifting a Premium Account will receive this commodity too!

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and happy holidays. May peace prevail in 2024,
The Galactic Council

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