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Year 2023Headline
December, 01stPardus Christmas Offer
Year 2022Headline
December, 01stHoliday Offer
Year 2021Headline
December, 01stPardus Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy 17th birthday to Pardus!
Year 2020Headline
December, 07thPardus Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy birthday, Pardus!
Year 2019Headline
December, 15thSpecial Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy 15th Birthday, Pardus!
Year 2018Headline
December, 01stPardus Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy 14th birthday Pardus!
Year 2017Headline
December, 01stUpdates and Special Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy Birthday Pardus!
August, 13thPirates!
July, 08thGame Improvements
June, 10th10 Years of Artemis and Pegasus
Year 2016Headline
December, 01stHoliday Offer
September, 14thHappy 12th birthday, Pardus!
July, 24thNew Feature: Tasks
January, 28thNew Feature Poll: Collaboration
Year 2015Headline
December, 24thChristmas Update
December, 01stSpecial Holiday Offer
September, 14thHappy Birthday, Pardus!
August, 03rdThe Revitalization of Past Features
May, 03rdWar in Pegasus
January, 10thHappy New Year 2015!
Year 2014Headline
December, 01stHoliday offer
September, 14thPardus' 10th birthday
January, 02ndAnother year has passed in the Pardus universes
Year 2013Headline
December, 01stOngoing and planned updates, Holiday Offer
September, 14thPardus' 9th Birthday
May, 16thPermissions and Contacts, New Feature Poll
March, 02ndFeature Poll Outcome: Permissions and Contacts
February, 01stFeature Poll opened
Year 2012Headline
December, 24thChristmas 2012, Spaceport messages, New image pack
December, 01stUpcoming features, Holiday offer
September, 14thHappy 8th birthday Pardus, have some new features!
June, 24thSummer Features
March, 04thTSS Evolution
January, 03rdHappy New Year 2012!
Year 2011Headline
December, 01stSpecial Holiday Offer
October, 23rdShip Paints
August, 26thSummer Update
June, 09thIPv6, Premium time bonus for the first purchase
April, 24thEaster Offer
April, 04thMajor game rules overhaul
January, 02ndHappy New Year 2011!
Year 2010Headline
December, 12thNeuro-Tech Innovation Drive
December, 01stHoliday Offer 2010
October, 26thLocust Infestations
September, 14thHappy 6th Birthday Pardus!
May, 28thShip Movement and Animation
May, 15thUsability Features, New EPS Ships, Pardus Merchandise
February, 16thWar Results, Image Pack, Pardus on Twitter
Year 2009Headline
December, 24thChristmas 2009
December, 01stSpecial Holiday Offer for the month of December!
October, 31stHalloween contests, new graphics preview
September, 14thPardus' 5th Birthday, Fuel Tanker, Image Packs
June, 20thContraband Scanner, Ships Tab, Secrond
May, 04thCrew Member Changes, Sizable Space Chart, Missile Hit Probabilities
April, 13thUnion-Federation Wars
January, 07thNew Year, New Features
Year 2008Headline
December, 24thMerry Christmas 2008!
December, 01stPardus Holiday Offers
September, 14thFinal Summer Features on Pardus' 4th Birthday
August, 24thFeatures: Profile Overhaul and More
July, 29thShip Crew and New Cluster
July, 15thGame Servers and Preparations
May, 26thSpring Intermezzo
March, 07thSyndicates
February, 11thA New Way to Enjoy Pardus
January, 14thNew Year - New Features
January, 01stHappy New Year 2008!
Year 2007Headline
December, 20thThe Aperture - Universe Expansion, and More
December, 06thCountdown to The Aperture
November, 26thWar Progress, December Premium Bonus
November, 15thWar between Empire and Union
November, 08thJewel Trade, More Special Events
October, 14thServer Maintenance, New Payment Method
September, 14thHappy 3rd Birthday to Pardus!
August, 31stLife Forms Manual
August, 01stUpcoming Summer Features
July, 06thMedia Coverage, New Sections
June, 10thNew Universes Open!
May, 18thNew Universes!
April, 21stFederation - Empire war ends
March, 08thWar Progress
February, 02ndDeclaration of War
Year 2006Headline
December, 27thMore Holiday Features
November, 30thHoliday Updates
November, 13thNew players
November, 04thMilestones
October, 26thNew servers and manual
October, 18thServer upgrade
October, 01stPardus goes Gold
September, 14thPremium Accounts
September, 07thThe calm before the storm
August, 12thPardus Cluster Development
July, 06thSignup open for all races
June, 12thUnion Expansion
May, 31stIDF Teaser, Austrian Press coverage
May, 08thNew Server; Signup Opened
April, 10thStart of Beta
February, 27thFan Art, Development
February, 04thAdvanced Skills
Year 2005Headline
December, 24thChristmas update
November, 10thIDF Teaser
October, 01stStarbase combat and Squadrons
September, 14thOne year Pardus
August, 30thHuge starbase update, new cluster, battleweapons
July, 27thFederation Battle Trainer Release
June, 28thSignup open for all races
May, 22ndUniverse Expansion, New Race
April, 16thBackground story completed, new fan sites
March, 22ndNew ambush system, long range smuggling
March, 16thLaser/Armor classes
February, 28thNew Reputation system, and more
February, 11thDevelopment time
January, 31stHuge influx of new players
January, 20thRecapitulation
Year 2004Headline
December, 22ndNew cluster - new race!
November, 27thRaces!
November, 18thProgress
October, 31stNew website design
October, 16thNew clusters added
October, 03rdMore players and new sectors on the way
September, 21stOne week after the start
September, 14thWelcome to the Open Alpha of Pardus!

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