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Monday, September 14th, 2020   Happy birthday, Pardus!
Today is the 16th anniversary of Pardus. This year we witnessed the first official war in Orion involving all factions. Battle between the alliances Shadow Phoenix and Empaya evolved into a large conflict between the combined forces of the Federation and the Union on one side and the Empire on the other side. While the losses of all the parties involved were high, the Empire was able to emerge victorious on both fronts. The war has been dubbed the "Corona War".

Meanwhile Artemis and Pegasus experienced multiple Vyrex outbreaks which were quickly squashed by courageous pilots. The Vyrex had more luck in Orion, where they managed to infest the universe for months taking advantage of the war-weakened opposition.

We wish you continued fun in Pardus in the coming year.
Fly safe,
The Pardus Team

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