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Identified Accounts FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

The "one account / computer rule" refers to this line from the Pardus game rules:
Logging in from the same computer with two or more accounts counts as multi-accounting.

What are identified accounts?
Accounts in Pardus have one of the following properties:
  • Anonymous accounts: This is the kind of account everyone has after signing up for Pardus. You have one account which contains one or more characters (you may have one character in each universe). The one account / computer rule is active.
  • Identified accounts: These are linked to your real-world identity. You have the same account as before, but the one account / computer rule is inactive.
An example:
You share one computer with your brother. Only one anonymous account is allowed per computer. If one of you identifies his account only one anonymous account will be left at the computer. No violation of the rules.

Warning: Identifying an account is no invitation to create a second one for yourself. The rule "You are allowed to have exactly ONE account, no exceptions." is of course still valid, and there have been bans of identified users with multiple accounts.

Why is this rule even needed?
Before this rule was implemented, the administrator team frequently had to manually search for the not insignificant amount of cheaters who had signed up multiple accounts and thus had gained an unfair advantage. This has caused many problems. In order to prevent these problems, the one account / computer rule, together with an automatic detection system, was implemented, following these reflections:
  • Clear rules.
    It was not clear in the rules before what counts as multi-accounting and what not. Now everyone knows:
    Using the same PC = Rule break

  • No Abuse.
    Before, we had to rely on information given by players, on who is whose brother/sister/spouse/etc. This system was open for abuse, and indeed it got abused several times by people who lied to us. We thank all the many players who reported us the truth.

  • Preventing "innocent bans".
    When 2 or more people played from the same PC, showed suspicious behaviour and met some other conditions, they were usually deleted for multiple accounts. It is impossible to check one's identity over the internet just like that, so we had to rely on the information that was available for us.

  • Preventing accusations of "unfair bans" or bias.
    As this new system is completely automatic, not only will we have less work checking for multiple accounts, but it is also completely transparent and evidently unbiased.

Why do I and the majority of honest players have to follow this restrictive "one account / computer rule" just because of some cheaters? What about my personal freedom to play how and from where I want?
We would be a lot more happy if we did not need this rule at all, but sadly there are just too many people who do not understand being fair. This rule is needed to protect honest players like you from cheaters, to make Pardus fun for everyone.
Also note that Pardus is hosted on a private webserver, where the owner - Bayer & Szell OG - is allowing you to play their free game under their rules. If you do not like the rules or do not agree to them feel free to not sign up.

What are the technical details of the automatic system checking the one computer / account rule? Is it based on IP-address?
Naturally it would be naive to reveal the whole technical background about the checking system, as someone who wanted to create multiple accounts would have a nice checklist of what to avoid then.
But, this can be said: This system has absolutely nothing to do with IP-Addresses!
E.g. you have two computers in your network, but both use the same external IP. As long as you do not play from the same PC as someone else there is no need to worry.

What are the consequences if me and another person accidentally break the one account / computer rule? Isn't this rule unfair regarding people who play from public PCs?
If an account logs in from a PC where one or more other anonymous accounts were used before, this is the procedure:
1) Automatic warning.
2) If happening again within 14 days after the warning: Automatic ban (=account deletion)

If 14 days pass after the warning, the user's state is reset to "clean", and the procedure will begin with a warning again. This is to prevent the very rare situation that two Pardus users play from the same public computer without knowing from each other.

I just had a look in the MA list, and always one account gets auto-deleted for multis at a time. Shouldn't that be always at least two accounts at the same time?
No, it is always one account at a time. Consider this example:
Player A logs in from a public PC, plays, and leaves the place. On the same day, player B logs in there and gets a warning. Some days later, A logs in again, and receives a warning now. He will avoid using this PC for the next 14 days. If player B logs in again within the 14 days since he recieved the warning, only B will be auto-deleted, and not the innocent A too.

My account just got deleted because of this rule. Can an admin please have mercy and restore my account?
Sorry, but this is not possible.
The game rules you have agreed to when signing up are very clear on multiple accounts, and you even received a warning before your account got deleted.
Please do not contact an administrator or moderator about this.

I just signed up an account but there were problems and I signed up another one. Then I learned that multiple accounts are forbidden. Can someone please delete one of my accounts?
The account you are not using will be automatically deleted after a time due to inactivity. If you do only use one from now everything will be fine. Please do not contact an admin or moderator about this. A manual account deletion is not necessary in this case.

How can I identify my account?
Identifying accounts is an offer to those groups of players (roommates, siblings,..) who share one PC or need to login from one computer with more than one account. Bayer & Szell OG does not make any profit from the methods 2) or 3); the privacy policy is of course fully valid.

1) Identification by Premium Account:

By signing up for a Premium Account your account will be identified as long as you hold the Premium status.

2) Identification by Document:

Email a copy of your passport or driver's license (or similar official document) to , and don't forget to mention your username. (All requests will be confirmed/denied by an email to the address you have used for signup after the request is checked by hand. Please understand that this may take some days.)
We will accept this option, but as a passport/driver's license contains more information than we actually need that is up to you. You may black out important IDs as long as your name & photo and most of your passport/driver's license is visible.
Please see the Privacy Policy on how Bayer & Szell OG ensures absolute confidentiality and the abidance by all relevant regulations and laws of Data Protection.

Below an example how the attachment could look like:

Example for Identification by Document

3) Identification by Digital certificate:

Certification authorities (CA) give out X509 digital certificates. You will have to sign up at one of them to obtain such a certificate. Send it to , and don't forget to mention your username. (All requests will be confirmed/denied by an email to the address you have used for signup after the request is checked by hand. Please understand that this may take some days.)
Please note that we do not accept certificates which didn't require any form of authentication at the CA, for example webs of trust or trial certificates.

The following list contains links to a few CAs we know of. Of course we will also accept certificates from other CAs which require authentication. If you have any suggestions let us know and we will most likely add them to this list.

Last modification on this page: 2007-06-10

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