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Sunday, October 23rd, 2011   Ship Paints
Today we have implemented a feature which was one of the oldest and most frequently requested so far in our feature request forums: Ship Paints. Owners of starbases now have the option to acquire a license to paint from the Intergalactic Ship Design Consortium (ISDC). Once the license is acquired, the owner is a certified ISDC ship painter, and has the life-long right to run paint shops on her present and all future starbases. If a starbase has a paint shop running, visitors can paint their ships in one of three stylish designs. A small sample is provided below; for all possible ship paints see the manual.

MercuryViper Defence CraftMooncrusherChitin
Mercury (paint 1)Viper Defence Craft (paint 1)Mooncrusher (paint 1)Chitin (paint 1)
Mercury (paint 2)Viper Defence Craft (paint 2)Mooncrusher (paint 2)Chitin (paint 2)
Mercury (paint 3)Viper Defence Craft (paint 3)Mooncrusher (paint 3)Chitin (paint 3)

Besides, we have again added a number of smaller - also frequently requested - features to the game, decreasing our ever-growing to-do list once again.

We wish everybody fun with the new features,
The Pardus Developers

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