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Monday, April 4th, 2011   Major game rules overhaul
In an attempt to improve the consistency of moderative actions and thus the overall satisfaction of the community several rules have been removed, shortened, or made more clear.

The Trolling, Flaming, Slander rules have been removed - clear violations such as insults are still covered by the Abusive Language rule.
The Harassment and Spamming rules have been shortened - the game/forum mechanics were upgraded to handle specific instances automatically, for example with a new ignore feature.
Character names that may transgress the rules but have been in active use for at least two months are not going to be changed anymore.

All changes are announced in detail in the forum; for the complete set of our game rules please visit the Rules & Documents section.

We hope the community of our free browser game will benefit from these changes. Further we hope this will decrease the workload of our moderators who we thank sincerely for their hard work - they are supervising a forum that just recently exceeded the one million post mark.

The Pardus Team

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