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Sunday, December 12th, 2010   Neuro-Tech Innovation Drive
Today during a GNN-sponsored press conference, independent scientists revealed the secrets of the clandestine undertaking dubbed the Neuro-Tech Innovation Drive: "Advancements in Neuro-Technology have led to the development of a new consumable commodity, the Stim Chip, which is synthesized in a perfectly legal and ethical environment and constitutes a safe and viable alternative to traditional drugs." See the Pardus background story for more details.

These new innovations have expanded the Pardus production tree with the addition of four new elements: the Neural Laboratory and Stim Chip Mill buildings, along with their respective commodities, Neural Tissue and Stim Chips.
Neural LaboratoryStim Chip Mill
Neural LaboratoryStim Chip Mill

New EPS and TSS equipment was also implemented, as well as a new advanced skill and two new special events. And lastly, a technological update has been added which enables players to use a secure https-connection - most useful when logging in from public places.

We hope everyone has fun with the new features, and don't forget our HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER is still running until the end of December!

Happy holidays,
The Developers

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