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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010   Locust Infestations
Today we have implemented a new game feature: Locust Infestations.

Four new NPCs, the Space Locust, Nebula Locust, Energy Locust, and the Locust Hive, have been added. The Pardusian Encyclopedia of Life Forms writes:
"Able to inflict only the most miniscule amount of damage to spacecraft, the space locust's devastating powers lie elsewhere. These vermin tend to encroach upon whole sectors, sucking up any hydrogen they can find into their ample-sized bodies, leaving behind uninhabitable wasteland. The space locust's migratory behavior is highly complex and a mystery to science. It seems that infestations come in long-term waves, and appear to happen more or less simultaneously with other locust hives. It is an open debate as to what causes an infestation and how it can be eradicated, but surely destruction of a hive should help."

It will be interesting to see how our pilots will deal with these waves of vermin about to be unleashed.

Locust Infestation
If you see this, call an exterminator

Simultaneously with the Locust update, we have added a few anti-abuse measures while the 7th war in the Orion universe is unfolding spectacularly.

See you in Pardus,
The Developers

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