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Saturday, May 15th, 2010   Usability Features, New EPS Ships, Pardus Merchandise
In the last two weeks we have implemented several features for improved usability, primarily aimed at making the first few days and weeks in Pardus more comfortable for new players. These features include informatory and guiding messages after important events or achievements, a combat assistant, and further "educational tools" for fresh Pardus players. These updates will eliminate most of the remaining sources of beginner-frustration players have experienced in the past.

We also have important news for those players on the more advanced end of the spectrum: The Esteemed Pilots Syndicate has obtained blueprints for two new high-end ships, the Pantagruel and the Nano. With its light-weight build and 5 gun mounts, the Nano offers interesting new possibilities for top-flight action in space, while the Pantagruel offers an attractive alternative to the Gargantua on the medium level.

New EPS ship: Nano
New EPS ship: Nano

Starting today we are offering a Pardus-themed mousepad with each Premium Account purchase, plus shipping and handling. Mousepads may also be purchased directly without a Premium Account through the new Merchandise section.

Pardus mousepad (limited edition)
Pardus mousepad (limited edition)

Mousepads are 7" x 8" and have a Soft fabric surface featuring the Pardus logo. Supplies are limited so get yours today!

Hoping all our players - both old and new - have a lot of fun in Pardus,
The Developers

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