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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010   War Results, Image Pack, Pardus on Twitter
The two wars of Orion (Federation vs. Empire) and Artemis (Union vs. Federation) which broke out simultaneously last Christmas have finally ended. A total of 847 characters participated in these wars, with 1,735 war medals issued, earned for 2,173,996 war points.

In Orion, though the Federation was superior in earning war points for war missions, the Empire showed superior strength in occupying enemy territory and turned out victorious.

War result Orion
War result Orion: Federation vs. Empire

In Artemis the opposing factions battled with almost equal vigor, however the Federation came out with slightly more war points than the Union.

War result Artemis
War result Artemis: Union vs. Federation

A new user-made image pack has been added to the selection on the account settings page. The new image pack, made by Solarix, is available in 64, 96 and 128 pixels and contains new ships, energy tiles and an overhauled graphical user interface.

You may now follow Pardus in-game news on twitter. All major GNN news is automatically fed to Pardus' twitter pages.
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