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Monday, September 14th, 2009   Pardus' 5th Birthday, Fuel Tanker, Image Packs
When Pardus began open Alpha September 14th 2004, five years ago, it consisted of just a handful of test pilots and a few ships, buildings and NPCs in only one cluster. Today as we celebrate Pardus' fifth birthday, over 300,000 pilots have graduated flight school and roam through hundreds of sectors; NPC life forms abound and there are dozens of ships, buildings, commodities and missions. Happy Fifth Birthday Pardus!

Pardus space cake
Happy 5th birthday Pardus!

Besides minor improvements to the game, today we have implemented the latest result from our ongoing AI experiments- a Fuel Tanker vessel which automatically comes to the aid of pilots sending fuel distress signals.Fuel tanker

We would also like to announce some upcoming changes. In a couple months, players will have the option to enjoy Pardus in larger sizes- using graphics 96x96 or 128x128 pixels instead of the current 64x64. Because we no longer have all the original graphics files available to resize, all Pardus graphics are being redone. For the most part the new graphics will remain true to the original, with only minor changes. The original image pack will still be available of course, but only in 64x64 size.

At this time we will also begin hosting player-made image packs. All players who want their self-created image pack to become an official add-on to the game may send it to us for review and we will make the best submissions available to all Pardus players in the game options. For more details please see Forum Thread.

Redesigned images
Redesigned images

Again we thank all Pardus players for their passion about our game, and hope everyone continues to enjoy Pardus for at least another five years!

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