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Monday, May 4th, 2009   Crew Member Changes, Sizable Space Chart, Missile Hit Probabilities
Sizable space charts are now available to Premium Account holders, enabling a larger viewing range on the navigation screen.

9x9 space chart

How crew members behave when a ship is destroyed has changed; provided you have an escape pod installed, the crew member will not be lost but will demand a hazard pay increase or resign from your crew in search of safer work. This will occur each time your ship is destroyed with the crew member onboard.

Hazard pay

Finally, missile hit probabilities have been closely examined and Federation drives now give an additional evasion bonus.
A new "Faction Specialist" crew member has been added, available only to members of the Federation with rank of Colonel or higher: Missile Technician. Though this crew member does not advance in levels, the advantages of having a missile specialist on board are obvious.

As always hoping you have fun in Pardus,
The Pardus Devs

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