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Monday, April 13th, 2009   Union-Federation Wars
In the past few weeks two wars have taken place in Pardus, both between the Union and the Federation. The first one ended in March, in the Artemis universe, where the Union came out with a clear advance in war points. The second one is currently proceeding in the Orion universe.

Long-time player and professional graphic artist Kora has again contributed a wonderfully animated piece of art, accompanying these events. This video is an inspirational clip for motivating Federation pilots in their war efforts against Union enemies. Three important Federation values are highlighted: Courage, Duty, Honor. The video is available for download in our Animations Fan Art Gallery.

Union-Federation War 1Union-Federation War 2

Besides this constant flow of ingame spectacles, we have completely rehauled the majority of Pardus' HTML output, to guarantee better browser-compatibility and to ease the development of further player-made add-ons. After these mostly invisible changes, we plan to implement many new visible and requested game features in the following weeks.

Happy adventuring,
The Pardus Developers

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