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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009   New Year, New Features
We are starting off 2009 with the implementation of several new features:

Crime Levels
With the exception of the Pardus sector, every cluster now has a crime level. A cluster's crime level can be either low, medium, high, or critical, depending on a number of factors within the cluster, such as number of illegal buildings. Crime levels are calculated daily and statistics are displayed on the Top 20 screen.

A new ability for all faction members, regardless of rank, to influence their faction's relations. Pilots belonging to a faction may pay a lobbying fee of any amount of credits towards amicable or hostile relations. Credits are tallied up daily and will result in the shift of a disposition point towards whichever inclination received the most credits.

New Special Events
Two new special events have been introduced: Exotic suspension, during which exotic matter does not regenerate at all, and exotic cataclysm, during which exotic matter regenerates at twice the normal rate.

Faction Command Dispositions
On the 1st and 14th of every month faction command dispositions will be reset to indifferent for all faction command members and will have to be reselected.

Graduation Announcements
Graduates of the esteemed Crashtest Mike's Flight School of Excellence will now be announced by GNN, your source for breaking news across the galaxy.

Contests Revived
Contests are once again being held; many thanks to Kariel taking over this project. See the contest forum for rules and more details.

Tutorial Translations
Last but not least, we have added Dutch and Hungarian to the available tutorial languages. Many thanks to Fivehundredandsixty and MoZo84 for their contributions.

We hope everyone enjoys the first new features of the year!
The Pardus Developers

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