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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008   Merry Christmas 2008!
The Galactic Council's Holiday Charity for the Luckless Adventurer is now over, with donations topping out at over 3,5 billion credits in all universes combined. Donations have been distributed to those most in need, making this holiday season one they will never forget. Medals have also been given out to those generous pilots who found room enough in their hearts and banks to share with those less fortunate.

Most donated resources in Artemis

All pilots should be on the lookout for Christmas Stars over the next several days, rumored to bring good fortune to those lucky enough to cross paths with one!

Don't forget our HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS OFFER is still valid until December 31st! You can see all the benefits for signing up or extending your premium account on the Premium Features page page.

Happy Holidays to all!
The Pardus Developers

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