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Sunday, September 14th, 2008   Final Summer Features on Pardus' 4th Birthday
As promised, we have again implemented new features. These will be the final features of the summer, implemented today, on Pardus' 4th birthday:

  • Elite Ranks for every faction, with a special promotion procedure and limited membership. Likewise, powerful new equipment and weapons for the Union and Empire, as well as a new ship for the Federation, the "War Nova", have been added.

  • Parasitic Orbiters and a new Advanced Skill tree, Orbiter Mastery, have been introduced.

  • A Payment Log, for a gapless history of all financial transactions

  • Many other minor improvements

Ship: War NovaSheppard Warp Gate

For smoother gameplay and to allow more features and clusters to be added in the future, we have also performed several updates to our servers, involving both hardware and software.

Server Load Reduction
Reduction of Orion's server load by over 50%

Due to increasing costs in many aspects of maintaining and improving Pardus, as well as the long-time low USD/EUR exchange rate, we will slightly increase the Premium Account fees on October 1st, 2008. We are announcing this in advance so our existing players have an opportunity to prolong or purchase their Premium Accounts for the current lower price. We are very grateful for all the support in the past which has allowed us to devote so much time to developing and improving Pardus. As the countless feature additions attest, after 4 years we are still not tired of our game - to the contrary!

See you in Pardus,
The Developers

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