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Sunday, August 24th, 2008   Features: Profile Overhaul and More
Continuing our quest to provide more fun and depth by adding new features to Pardus, we have completely overhauled player profiles. Profiles may now be separated into three sections: Automatic content, personal content and the career log.

In the automatic content profile, all pilots may choose to display a variety of data, from faction and rank to ship type, equipment, buildings, npc kills and much more. All profiles exist in two versions: A private one accessible only to logged-in users, and a public profile visible to everybody outside of Pardus. We know how important self-expression is to most players, and since this feature has been requested many times in our feature request forum, we are sure it will be welcomed with enthusiasm.

Part of a player profile

Other visible features implemented at this time:
  • Download of a CSV file of all past special events

  • New non-combat defense module: Missile Modulator

  • Integration of signatures into our forums

In addition to the latest developments, another interesting event is taking place in the Artemis universe: Hostilities between the Federation and Empire have grown to such proportions that for the first time in the history of Artemis, war has been declared. So far war points seem to be evenly distributed, with the exception of the missions category, where Federation pilots have gained a significant head start.

The summer is not yet over, so watch for more summer features in the near future!

Have fun in Pardus,
The Developers

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