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Monday, May 26th, 2008   Spring Intermezzo
Ten weeks after the installment of the new syndicate features for our high-level players, an evaluation confirms our expectations: About 300 pilots have joined syndicates so far in Orion and Artemis, over 100 in Pegasus. While membership numbers of the Esteemed Pilots Syndicate dominate slightly, The Shadow Syndicate has also sold its ships in all universes, slowly but surely providing an even more colorful view in the galactic space lanes of Pardus.

Some of these space lanes are currently under heavy contest, at least in the Orion universe: Once again a war between the Federation and Empire is taking place, this time with a higher diversity in war missions. The two factions lie head-to-head concerning war points, with the Federation dominating the missions category, while the Empire is ahead in ship and building destructions. Very recently, the Gold Medal of Courage has been awarded for the first time ever; the number of participants again ranks in the hundreds.

War stats
Snapshot of the current war statistics

While these past weeks we have expended developmental and other "behind the scenes" work on Pardus, visible innovations are being prepared for implementation in the following months.

See you in Pardus,
The Developers

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