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Friday, March 7th, 2008   Syndicates
Today we have installed one of the biggest features ever implemented in the history of Pardus: Syndicates.

Syndicates are player-collectives provided by game mechanics similar to factions, however with major and unique differences. There are two syndicates in Pardus:
The Shadow SyndicateThe Shadow Syndicate (TSS), providing solidarity and features for the "bad people", e.g. pirates or pilots involved in the production or trade of illegal commodities such as drugs.
Esteemed Pilots SyndicateThe Esteemed Pilots Syndicate (EPS), an organization open for the "reputable people", e.g. pilots who are not involved in the production and trade of illegal commodities, generally pilots who despise members of TSS.

These two syndicates, TSS and EPS, may be seen as standing in direct opposition to each other; however, they provide a lot more than that.

Correspondingly, new equipment types, "pirate toys", long-term missions such as smuggling body parts, and even 8 new syndicate-only ship types have been added! All in all these revolutionary innovations have taken us several weeks to develop since January, and we are confident this time was well-spent.
RoverReaperBlood LannerSudden Death

TridentCeleusVulcanLiberator EPS

Our motivations to implement these huge, long-requested, and for many players career-stirring features were as follows:

  • Provide a common ground for "bad" as well as for "good" people, supported by game mechanics

  • Increase game action in the Pardus universes

  • Straighten out roleplaying ambiguities (e.g. no more doubts about drug and slave traders being reprehensible)

  • Give the "Competency Level" a purpose

In the light of this, we wish a lot of fun, good hunting, and YARRRRR!
The Pardus Developarrrrs

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