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Monday, February 11th, 2008   A New Way to Enjoy Pardus
Over the last couple months, when not busy working on Pardus or other real-life activities, Bladefist and S-Mod Meridian have devoted most of their free time to working on a project they hope will both help further spread the word about Pardus and provide our existing players with even more free browser-based fun:

Astral Tower Defense - Main Play AreaAstral Tower Defense - Weapon Stats
Main Play AreaWeapon Stats
Astral Tower Defense - Map SelectionAstral Tower Defense - Wave Info
Map SelectionWave Info

Astral Tower Defense is a Pardus-themed tower defense game, in which you must try to defend your homeworld from attacking space creatures by purchasing and upgrading weapons and special equipment. Instructions and tips are available at the ATD website for those not familiar with tower defense games.

To the greatest extent possible all graphics were taken directly from Pardus, and using the Pardusian Conv/Bio/EM armor and weapon properties gives Astral Tower Defense a unique twist. A few other features include lots of maps to choose from, 80 different creeps with various special abilities, a Hall of Fame in which you can record your high scores, over 50 different upgrades, and more. Additional maps and other improvements will be added as time allows.

We hope everyone has fun in Pardus and Astral Tower Defense,
The Pardus Team

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