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Monday, January 14th, 2008   New Year - New Features
Pardus has started the new year with many new features:

  • War missions: Two new types of war missions, scout and espionage, have been added. Together with increased war point rewards for war missions, they will surely spice up the coming wars even more!

  • Alliance message screen: Besides making it easier for alliances to manage their bulk messages, including senior and non-senior categories, this feature was long needed to free up the Pardus databases from the stress of several hundred thousand alliance messages created every month, thus paving the way for the implementation of other more resource-draining features.

  • Special events: Pulsar flares and time fluxes may take place in any cluster now. While for a limited time the former events will decrease armor points, the latter will come as a blessing: faster regeneration of action points. At the moment 14 special event types exist - more are planned.

  • Standard ships: The space lanes of Pardus have become more multi-faceted with the addition of two new standard trade ships:

    Lanner MiniLanner

    Like no other vessel, the Lanner and Lanner Mini have zero slots for weapons and missiles, but high cargo capacities and decent amounts of hull and armor points.

  • More improvements: Updates to message signatures, and the implementation of features for better usability have been performed.

For the near future our schedules include more "minor" improvements like those above; for the subsequent weeks a batch of innovations is planned for the overall improvement of gameplay.

Have fun in Pardus,
The Developers

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