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Thursday, November 8th, 2007   Jewel Trade, More Special Events
Today we added a new feature: Long-distance trade with jewels. Three new commodities - territory-specific jewels - have been added, which can be hauled between distant Gem Merchants for profit. This feature has similarities to the long-range trade with illegal contraband, but also has some quite distinct characteristics. It is up to our players to get a feeling for this new kind of trade technique - we wish them good luck!

Gem Merchant

As a second big addition, we have begun expanding our Special Events features. Three new special event types were added (meteor shower, diplomatic improvement, diplomatic decline); up to four special events may now be active simultaneously. This will make our already rich game universes even more dynamic.

In the following months we will continue working off our ever-growing feature to-do list. For Christmas, a substantial addition is planned which will consume the majority of the coming weeks for the developers.

Both the inhabitants of the Pardus universes and we are anxious to see how all these new innovations will turn out.

The Pardus Developers

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