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Sunday, October 14th, 2007   Server Maintenance, New Payment Method
For providing more stability, some of our servers will undergo technical maintenance in the following weeks:

  • Oct.15, 04:20 to 07:00 GMT+2: All servers

  • Oct.25, 04:20 to 07:00 GMT+2: Server for static content (= no online images)

  • Oct.29, 04:20 to 07:00 GMT+1: All servers

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

The good news: We have implemented a new payment method for Premium Accounts: paysafecard. This prepaid card provides a great alternative for players who want to purchase a Premium Account and can only pay by cash or want to stay completely anonymous.
Besides, we have decided to reward our long-time players with 9 additional Premium days. Everyone who plays one million action points will automatically receive this gift, once per account.

Thank you for playing and we hope you continue to enjoy Pardus!
The Pardus Developers

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