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Friday, September 14th, 2007   Happy 3rd Birthday to Pardus!
Today we are pleased to celebrate the third anniversary since Pardus went live.

We, the creators of Pardus, are very proud of how far our game has come, and of the dedication the Pardus community has shown to it. When we began Project Pardus, as a mere hobby, we never imagined it would become the main occupation and sustenance of our lives. For us there is no venture more enjoyable than that which we have realized: to build a great game up from the bottom a game that is creative, brings entertainment to so many people in the world, and can be enjoyed by those people absolutely free.

As every year, let us have a look at the most interesting events of the past twelve months:

The introduction of Premium Accounts one year ago was a smashing success. At present, over 1300 players own a Premium Account!

In addition to constant usability improvements and optimizations, some big new features have been implemented, such as:
- Help Chat and Guides for our new players
- War points, missions, and medals
- Community features and art contests
- More ship equipment
- Faction command structures
- Life Forms manual

Guides helping new players in the help chatNew faction relations and command structure

New game universes were opened, accommodating the wave of new players. Likewise, Pardus has been receiving an increased frequency of media coverage.

Winning entry of our hand-made art contest in julyCoverage in the German print magazine PC PowerPlay

Last but not least, many of our pilots have spilled much sweat and tears ingame during countless diplomatic struggles, an intergalactic war, and other events of (role)playing Pardus.

Stay tuned, as there are more great features to come in the near future!

We hope you enjoy another year of Pardus with us,
The Developers

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