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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007   Upcoming Summer Features
Once again we have begun spending a great amount of time hard at work on a number of innovative new game features, slated to be released this summer. One of the big ones we are excited about is our new and unique detailed faction relations and command structure.

This new feature will allow players to truly determine the fates of their factions. Faction relations will be influenced by the hostile actions of opposing faction players in recent days and weeks as well as by faction commands, consisting of all high-ranking players of their respective factions. As the daily decisions of faction commands shall be subject to a high amount of transparency, this feature will also take inter-factional -- as well as intra-factional diplomacy to a whole new level!

Please stay tuned as there are many more features we have in store for you that are yet to be announced!

The Pardus Team

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