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Sunday, June 10th, 2007   New Universes Open!
Universes Artemis and Pegasus are now available for conquest!

We are pleased to announce that our new account system, universes and upgraded servers are now live!

Two completely new universes, Artemis and Pegasus are now open, providing all players with the prospect of a clean and equal start. This is an opportunity not available to new players since the Alpha version of Pardus was opened in 2004.

Universe Artemis is open to all adventurers, however Universe Pegasus will be reserved for Premium players only.

Universe OrionUniverse ArtemisUniverse Pegasus

In order to access our new universes, players may now utilize our new account system. Upon login to their Pardus account, players will now have the ability to create a completely new character within the new universes. Once characters are created, players may then select which they would like to utilize for the time being.

Premium accounts affect all characters within the account.

Due to the great success of our free game, we are again able to upgrade our servers in order to accommodate our growing numbers. Our servers have been expanded as well as upgraded to increase stability and eliminate lag. These advances will make for smoother gameplay than ever before along with the ability for even more expansion in the future!

Stay tuned for even more new features coming this summer!

Yours as always,
Bayer & Szell OEG

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