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Saturday, April 21st, 2007   Federation - Empire war ends
With 294 players scoring war points for the Federation and 287 players in the Empire's final score list, the factions came to a cease fire today. Similarly well-balanced as the amount of participants is the outcome of the war. While the Federation proved its organizational talent with massive sector sweeps, the Empire showed its overall superiority in PvP combat experience, securing the lead in war points by almost 80,000 points.

We want to thank all players sending us fan art, like Kora with his continuation of high quality remakes of our ship models, and Vival with his first Pardus fan art "Docked Marauder". Have a look at all pictures in our gallery, it's worth it.

"Sabre Wallpaper"
"Behemoth Wallpaper"
"Docked Marauder"

Some players have noticed that the development forum had been quiet lately. We are working on something big, and we hope to be able to release more information very soon.

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