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Friday, February 2nd, 2007   Declaration of War
The Federation and Empire are again at war following the destruction of the Federation's Usube data. See this GNN Special Report for more details.

This war will be unlike those in the past, with players enjoying a much greater depth of involvement thanks to the recently implemented war features - including new wartime missions, Command Stations, statistics tracking and more. This will also be the first war in which players have the ability to take sectors from other factions in the Pardus Contingents. We are excited about seeing these new features in action and hope our players enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Finally, as our Pardus community continues to grow daily, the Galactic Council is considering opening new universes in alternate dimensions to prevent overcrowding. More details about this will be made available soon.

Yours as always,
The Pardus Team

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