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Thursday, October 26th, 2006   New servers and manual
Installation of our new servers has been completed. Pardus is now powered by three servers with unlimited traffic:

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Suprago Platinum X14500
Dual-Core, Two AMD Opteron 1214 Processor 64 Bit CPUs

3,072 MB DDR2-RAM
2x 250 GB SATA-HDs: 7,200 rpm, 8 MB Cache
Suprago Platinum X8000
Dual-Core, Two AMD Opteron 1212 Processor 64 Bit CPUs

2,048 MB DDR2-RAM
2x 200 GB SATA-HDs: 7,200 rpm, 8 MB Cache
Virtual Dedicated
1,000 MHz

Although there has been almost no lag since the last upgrade in May, we have decided to take this step for our players. The new setup has increased performance significantly; Pardus is now prepared to provide a smooth gaming experience to even thousands of more players.
Werner "Bladefist" Bayer has not only focused on getting the most out of our new hardware, but has also optimized software and improved our already high security levels with numerous tweaks.

Michael "Baldur" Szell has used the time to redesign and expand the whole user manual and bring it up to date. It now contains 86 pages, an easier to use menu, and a lot more useful information than before.
The German parts are currently under translation and should be finished within a few days.

See you in Pardus,
Bayer & Szell OEG

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