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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006   IDF Teaser, Austrian Press coverage
Long time player Kora, a graphic designer who has provided us with some fine graphics and a teaser of a video-project in the past, has released a second teaser featuring the IDF Patrol - a player-created organization in Pardus - fighting the evil forces of piracy.

Download teaser (39.0 MB)

Additionally, Pardus has received some major Austrian news coverage due to the opening of Beta version.

After an interview with our main developer Werner Bayer ("Bladefist"), Martin Szelgrad writes in the May issue of the "Telekommunikations & IT Report", a distinguished Austrian IT-journal:
Mit knapp 5000 aktiven Teilnehmern ist Pardus bereits eines der größten heimischen Multiplayer-Games.
"Für uns ist dies die größte Motivation", erfreut sich Bayer einer leidenschaftlichen User-Community, für die so manch internationales Internetportal Millionen zahlen würde.

Which translates to:

With scarcely 5000 active participants Pardus is already one of the most popular domestic multiplayer-games.
"This is the biggest motivation for us", Bayer says of his passionate user-community, for which some international internet-portals would pay millions.

Article in the Telekommunikations & IT Report (German)

We thank the Report for this flattering article!

One of Austria's biggest daily newspapers, "Der Standard", has also featured Pardus in its web edition:

Article in Der Standard (German)

The big success of Pardus has, as the first article quotes, surprised us. What started as a hobby has grown to a professional long-time project.

Thank you everyone who was involved making this project so successful.
The Pardus Team

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