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Monday, April 10th, 2006   Start of Beta
Pardus has finally achieved an important milestone: Beta Version.

After over one and a half years of intensive work with the open alpha, we are proud to announce this important step, which is marked by the implementation of the third and final faction: The Union.

The Union offers 8 interesting new ships as well as defensive and special equipment (the Unionís technological specialty), and spans 25 sectors - for now.

For the next few weeks, signup for new players will be only possible in the new Union Rashkir Core cluster, until it is adequately populated.

In addition to the Union, the neutral cluster East Pardus Rim was added, and a galactic war has broken out between Empire and the Federation.

But what does "Pardus is now in Beta" mean?

It means that we see Pardus as fit enough to be regarded as an advanced test version, where the main purpose has shifted from fundamental feature implementations to balance, addition of content, feature and usability improvements, focused tests, and code optimizations. Of course we are going to add new features in Beta too, but this will not be the main task anymore.

Thank you to all testers who made development of Pardus possible with all the encouragement, contributions, and feedback! The Pardus player-community is overwhelmingly different from "the typical massive online game community" and tops off the whole gaming experience; that is why we have added this line to the "Game Features" in the About section:

A friendly, troll-free, leetspeak-free and intelligent player-community

As always, have fun,
The Pardus Team

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