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Monday, February 27th, 2006   Fan Art, Development
Today we are proudly opening a new section on our homepage: Fan Art & Downloads

Many players have unsolicitedly invested a lot of time and contributed a huge amount of self-created work in our forums. The works of the best artists are now being displayed here in the Picture Gallery subsection:

"Behemoth under attack"
Haimi Makani
Tiphias Junior
"Sabre vs Maggot"
"Military Outpost"

Another new subsection, the Fan Animations, features an impressive work created by the young Pardus-player zealeous.
He animated the whole first chapter of the Pardus background story in an epic flash animation. Make sure to check it out!

As previously announced, we had time to invest into further game development again:
Several new non-player-characters (NPCs), deadly Empire high-level weapons, and a new Federation ship have been added. Preliminaries for the planned third faction "Union" have been set. With various code optimizations we were able to improve efficiency of the Nav screen (the by far most frequently used page) by about 80%! This goes along with the inflating number of active players: Their amount has doubled in one year.

Last but not least, we cannot thank all players enough for testing the alphaversion of our game, with many providing us generous gifts such as stories for sectors and all kinds of fan-art.

Have fun,
The Development Team

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