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Saturday, February 4th, 2006   Advanced Skills
With the implementation of advanced skills today, we have set the beginning of the work on high-level content in the Pardus Alpha.

Players who have used up at least one million action points in their careers (~ 6 months of playing), are able to invest basic skills to learn these new advanced skills. They range from combat modi to the construction of bombs temporarily freezing the enemy.

Besides, we have analyzed server-calculations in peak times -with almost 300 players online-, and hope that we were able to check bottlenecks and generally boost up performance, effectively resulting in less lag. We will continue to do so in the future to further provide a smooth gaming experience, even besides the always increasing signup rate.

After a lot of work for non-Pardus stuff in January, we are ready to invest time into the development of big improvements and new features again, to reach our first goal: the Beta Version.

The Pardus Team

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