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Saturday, October 1st, 2005   Starbase combat and Squadrons
After the fundamental starbase update on Aug. 30th, the general overhaul of starbases is finished. Player-owned starbases may now be attacked, destroyed and even captured.



Players are also able to command independent squadrons of fighters and bombers which will help greatly in the assaults of starbases. These small squads are steered by mercenaries who take hand weapons as payment - which gives this high-level commodity its planned use after more than one year of alpha development.

Of course we are excited to see this new development in action. Huge battles for starbase positions and territorial conflicts are guaranteed.

The most important features of Pardus are now implemented; after further finetuning, balancing, content-expansions, and small improvements that will be needed within the next weeks we are confident to leave the Pardus Alpha and enter Beta phase soon.

The Pardus Team

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