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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005   Huge starbase update, new cluster, battleweapons
The long expected "Update of the summer" was implemented today: A complete redesign of player-controlled starbases (PSBs).

Inner StarbaseShipyard (huge)

PSBs have now an interesting inner structure, where many new profit-bringing buildings can be placed by their owners.

These buildings are:
  • Repair facility: Enables repairs of visiting space ships. The owner earns 10% of all repair costs.

  • Shipyards (small/medium/huge): Produce ships with a great potential for re-selling profits - if the owner has enough relations to potential customers.

  • Various factories (weapons/armor/shield/engines/special equipment) to create all kinds of ship equipment out of commodities.

  • Warehouses to increase capacity.

  • Heavy defense artillery: These buildings will become important within a few days once starbase combat gets implemented.

All production happens piece-wise in PSBs as opposed to the old system, where an infinite supply of ships and equipment was given. This opens the door to a huge new completely player-driven market, of course giving PSBs a lot more value and making them powerful economic weapons worth fighting for.

A new commodity, battleweapon parts, is needed to produce ship weapons and defense artillery in PSBs. This expands the already sophisticated production tree again and makes the Pardus economy even more interesting.

Besides, a new neutral cluster - the South Pardus Rim - was added.
It connects the Keldon cluster with the old neutral zone and brings the Keldon back from their exponated position into the center of action. This new cluster houses an amount of natural hideouts never seen before - perfect to block with one or more military outposts.

We wish everyone a lot of fun with the new features,

The Pardus Team

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