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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005   Federation Battle Trainer Release
The by far biggest and best player-created Pardus project was released today, after months of hard work for its creator Caliver Ngeow (Catliver) from Malaysia.

The Alpha Centauri Federation Battle Trainer (FBT) is a side-scrolling shooter, similar to games like R-Type and Gradius, based on the combat aspects of Pardus.

NebulaAsteroidsMilitary Outpost

Among other things, the FBT features:

  • All Federation and Standard ships, with realistic size and maneuver speed

  • Particle Lasers, intelligent missiles, the Hull-Armor-Shields system, fast shield recharge on energy

  • Opponents with various behaviours

  • Orbiters: Droids and Leeches

  • Asteroids, which can be used as a battering ram to crush small enemies

  • Maneuver and Hit Accuracy skills, Experience, Credits

  • 10 diverse Epic missions taking you from Alpha Centauri into deep Empire space

The game and its pages are hosted on Pardus:


We wish you as much fun playing it as we had while testing!
Caliver & The Pardus Team

P.S: Another good news for all players who sign up now: Before being able to join the Pardus universe, you enter a simulator where an instructor prepares you step by step to the dangers and mysteries of space in 13 easy lessons.
This should prevent most of the "Newbie-frustration" that could be experienced in the past, and gives new players an easier and less dangerous start.

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